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Reasons to Attend:

Start your day off with a boost to your fitness career! canfitpro has brought together years of knowledge and experience to teach you how to Optimize Your Fitness Career. Participate in this engaging panel and learn the lessons and successes your presenters have experienced throughout their careers.


Personal trainers can enjoy an entire day with Kevin Darby and learn how to:
Attract more clients and improve your personal training practice by using Fascial Stretch Therapy™
Improve and prevent the development of the conditions correlated with chronic lower back pain in your clients.
Become the best trainer for your clients by becoming more efficient in determining your clients' needs and improving their mobility and stability! 
Improve your understanding of nutrition with naturopathic doctor and strength and conditioning coach, Dr. Marc Bubbs and:
Learn how excess inflammation may be holding you back from better performance and contributing to your joint pain and discomfort.
Learn how insulin excess contributes to weight gain and how stress can throw you off your weight loss goals!
Learn what fad diets have in common and what truly is the best fat-loss diet in the world.
Learn which supplements will give you the most bang for your buck and the absolute best supplements for improving performance or losing weight!
Fitness Instructors can enjoy brand new programming from SGT Ken®, local talent, Jessica Zapata and our sponsors, Fitness Kickboxing Canada® and YogaFit® Canada:
Learn SGT Ken® seven proven strategies to creating your own successful boot camp fitness program guaranteed to prepare you to lead your troops into battle! Then, experience his boot camp, Operation Full Metal Jacket™ that is will teach you some new exercises and drills to deliver the best results your clients have ever seen.
We know that fitness is the key to feeling younger, staying healthy, and living a life of vitality and longevity. But what should an exercise session look like for an adult over 50? Join Jessica Zapata and walk away with the top 10 things you need to start doing to add years to their lives.
Kick-start your weekend by attending the Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Certification Intensive on Friday. Expand your career and leave this certification course with MMA and real boxing/kickboxing tools and techniques to challenge your clients and participants.