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Non-canfitpro Approved CECs

Certification in the fitness industry requires all fitness professionals to attend educational events that help them maintain, update and add new information to their knowledge and skill sets. If you attended an event that was not accredited by canfitpro and wish to gain recognition for these CECs, please read below:

The event/courses being considered for CECs must be directly related to the candidate’s fitness profession and educational growth in the professional fitness industry. Master classes and workouts are not eligible for CECs.

List of qualifying CEC events:
  • Participation in educational workshops, lectures, conferences or correspondence programs on topics relevant to the health and fitness field.
  • Participation in college or university courses on topics relevant to the health and fitness field. Courses that are acceptable (but are not limited to): Biology, Chemistry, Kinesiology, Physiology, Anatomy, Exercise Science, and Nutrition. All course work and final examinations must be successfully completed before your recertification date.
  • Published works in which the candidate serves as author/coauthor.

CEC Event Information

Full documentation detailing the event being considered for CECs must be submitted with the CEC Recognition Request Form. Documentation should include (where applicable) a certificate or letter of participation/attendance, event description, official school transcripts and copy of published works.

It is a cost of $11 per CEC (plus applicable taxes), up to a maximum number of 4.0 CECs per request (1.0 CEC per each 2 contact hours). If an event is accredited for more than one certification designation (i.e. FIS and PTS), then there is no additional charge for multiple designation CECs. Please note that only a maximum of 4.0 CECs will be accredited for a one (1) year period. CECs added through the CEC Recognition process can be carried over into the next recertification period, up to a maximum of 4.0 CECs will be carried forward.

To download a copy of the CEC Recognition Request Form please select:

 CEC Recognition Request Form