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winnipegcanfitpro is excited to bring the 2015 Specialty Presenter of the Year, Kathy Smart, and six-time US Army Soldier of the Year, SGT. Ken™ to Winnipeg!

  • Learn SGT Ken™ 7 proven strategies to creating your own successful boot camp fitness program guaranteed to prepare you to lead your troops into battle! Then, experience his boot camp, Operation Full Metal Jacket™ that is will teach you some new exercises and drills to deliver the best results your clients have ever seen.
  • Finish the day with SGT Ken™ and turn stress into strength and obstacles into opportunities and leave empowered with exceptional resilience training!

Or, improve your understanding of nutrition with best selling author and certified Nutritionist, Kathy Smart, and:

  • Find out the 5 simple steps that you can teach your clients to help them not only attain a better night's sleep but better results in their weight loss struggles.
  • Find out how important bowel movements are to understanding gastrointestinal issues. You probably didn't even realize you were flushing away answers to understanding your health!
  • Learn how to ensure you are absorbing the nutrients you are putting in your body. You aren't what you eat, you are what you absorb!
  • Learn about the different metabolic types, how to recognize them and how to train clients based on their individual type.

Enjoy brand new programming from our sponsors, Fitness Kickboxing Canada™ and YogaFit® Canada.