Greek Yogurt Parfait Recipe

By August 28, 2018Nutrition

Snacks are so important to a healthy and balanced nutrition. When eaten right, they help stabilize blood sugar levels, help lose unwanted weight, and keep your metabolism in good shape. But are all snacks created the same?

Studies have shown that people who ate every three hours had a better muscle to fat mass ratio, ate fewer calories during meal times, and had increased energy levels throughout the day.

For a healthy snack have some protein, carbohydrates, and good fats – no more than 250 calories. Incorporate naturally sweet fruits and veggies and try to stay away from processed sugars which will only deplete your energy levels and leave you feeling fatigued and demotivated.


  • ½ C Greek Yogurt, plain
  • ¼ C Sliced Strawberries
  • ¼ C Sliced Mangoes
  • ¼ C Blueberries (for blueberry sauce)



Blueberry Sauce:
Place blueberries on a plate and mash with a fork until juice starts to separate. Set aside.

Place yogurt in a glass dish, add the blueberry sauce then add the mangoes and strawberries. It’s a perfect combination of flavours and texture.

Enjoy your way to great health.

Tatiana Vicol

Holistic Nutritionist Student Practitioner