Let Presence be Your Present this Holiday Season 2

By August 28, 2018Healthy Living

In YogaFit training’s, the very first thing we teach is the YogaFit Essence: Breathing, Feeling, Listening to our bodies, Letting go of Judgment, Expectations, Competition and Staying in the Present moment. Whether you currently practice Yoga or not, the YogaFit Essence is a message for everyone to become more aware – both on and off the Yoga mat. In this busy time of year, and as our clients slowly exchange their training time with eating time or general running around with stress time, let’s share this valuable message with them.

Why is the best time of year so often the most chaotic? We spend the first part of the month completely consumed with the future and getting everything done, when it finally slows down we find ourselves looking back as if the whole thing were a blur. This very notion of living in the present moment is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves. When we live from a state of presence, we are able to enjoy and savour each moment. The world seems to slow down and our stress levels become manageable.

To be present all we need to do is pause, be here and breathe. Yoga teaches us to become present by slowing down, matching breath to movement and developing body awareness. We can also be present standing in line at the bank machine, searching for a parking spot or walking down the street. Stop and look around, what could you have missed? We so often become trapped in the idea that if we slow down nothing will get done. I promise you the very opposite is true. When we slow down, so do our thoughts helping us to think more clearly and make better decisions. When our heart stops racing and we are no longer living on adrenal overload, our overall health is better, we sleep better and we are better able to interact with others from a more centered approach.

This year let presence be the most important gift you give both yourself and your family this year. When we live in the moment, we live in a place of awareness rather than reaction. We see the full picture and not only what is within eyesight, and we stop taking things or relationships for granted. Enjoy this most precious time of year with your family and friends.

Time is fleeting – being present is forever.

By: Lisa Greenbaum, Director YogaFit Canada Inc., Senior Master Trainer and International Presenter for YogaFit.