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Click here to view the full infographic.

Canadians are moving and self-care is an equally important part of this movement, this according to the latest fitness trends for 2020. Certified personal trainers and fitness instructors are surveyed each year by canfitpro, Canada’s leading fitness education company.

Active Recovery takes the new #1 spot as the top fitness trend for 2020. Functional Fitness falls to #2 and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) hangs on to round the top 3.  Active Recovery debuted on the chart in the 2018 trends at the #4 spot, climbed to second spot last year, and this year reigns as the new #1. Recognizing that the ability to work out is limited by the ability to move, active recovery exercises focus on movement and self-care practices with foam rollers and balls which can deliver deep tissue massage, low-intensity workouts and mindfulness exercise to name a few. If we can take care of ourselves and move as freely as possible, our everyday lives are better, and training is enhanced.

Falling to the second spot again is Functional Fitness which was #1 in 2018 and 2016. (2017 it was #2). HIIT was #2 in 2019 and 2018 and #1 in 2017. Nutrition and Healthy Eating programs maintains its spot in #4 this year, same as in 2019, #8 in 2018 and #5 in 2017.

Although corporate wellness isn’t a new concept, we see Workplace Wellness programs make its debut on 2020’s Top 10 Fitness Trends as Canadian corporations provide more solutions that assist employees to achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

The top 2020 Canadian Fitness Trends are:

THIS YEAR (2020) LAST YEAR (2019)
Active Recovery 1 2
Functional Fitness 2 1
HIIT 3 3
Nutrition and Healthy Eating Programs 4 4
Express Workouts (30 Minutes or Less) 5 6
Branded Fitness Experiences &
Pre-choreographed Programs
6 9
Body Weight Training 7 7
Older Adult Training 8 5
Workplace Wellness Programs 9 NEW
Circuit Training and Bootcamps 10 8