Learn how to deliver an incredible heart-pounding, breathtaking full-body workout with one powerful tool - the kettlebell. In this interview, Shawn Mozen, considered the father of Canadian kettlebell training, will discuss how they differ from other workouts and why you should incorporate them into a routine.

In This Episode

2:30 – What is Agatsu Kettlebell Training and how it differs from other kettlebell training

8:00 - As kettlebells become more popular and readily available in gyms, what advice would you offer personal trainers who want to add them into their client programming for variety?

11:45 - One benefit of kettlebells that regular weights can’t offer

14:00 - The hardest kettlebells exercise to master and perform and why

17:00 - Things Personal Trainers or Fitness Instructors should know about kettlebell training

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About Shawn Mozen

Shawn Mozen is the foremost authority on Kettlebell training in Canada. Considered the father of Canadian Kettlebell training and recognized worldwide as an authority on Kettlebells, martial arts and functional fitness. Shawn was one of the first Canadian’s to be certified in Kettlebell Sport in Russia. Shawn travels the world every year giving seminars to fitness professionals and the general public.

Visit his website, or follow him on YouTube and Instagram.