By Trish Tonaj

As personal trainers, we begin our business with the intention of helping others reach their health and wellness goals.

We educate ourselves on the fundamentals of both nutrition and fitness that contribute to a well-developed plan for our clients.  We work and connect with each individual to ensure that they navigate the change and transformation for a healthier life and lifestyle.

Competition is fierce, not only within the industry, but with competing wants and desires that bombard us with messaging on “how to” create a better life.  Most of us have social media accounts sharing content to build a following that supports not only our existing clientele but introduce us to new and emerging markets.  The most common platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest – all to assist with supporting a visual brand strategy.

How do you build your online presence as a fitness professional?

Video is an effective marketing tool that allows us to create a connection of success.  We’ve all seen the before and after pictures that chronicle an individual’s success track and encourages our effectiveness as a change maker. It is a great tool for personalizing our message and sharing information.

Another way to continue to develop a unique brand image is through thought leadership – choosing a passion topic that gives us an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas, highlighting our unique position in the business. It’s not all about BMI (Body Mass Index) and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Connecting with our passion separates us from the competition, especially when we are looking for unique content to share and support our brand strategy.

Our passion will set us apart from the competition and create a competitive edge when posting on social media.

The most obvious choices are strength conditioning and weight loss, but what about all of the other ways we may begin to develop a market niche?  There’s sports enthusiast – running, tennis, hockey, soccer or golf to name a few, menopause specialist, mobility expert. There are so many other ways to build a following while sharing a little about our personality and our passion to explain why we’ve made a commitment to the industry.
Here are a few suggestions on the ways to increase your visibility once you’ve chosen your passion topic:

  • Blog Writer
  • Podcast Guest or Host
  • Newsletter Contributor
  • Public Speaker

These additional opportunities will begin to establish your credibility as a thought leader and contribute to your ongoing success.

In today’s gig economy, we need to be innovative and create opportunities that will establish our own credibility in a place and time where our clients are not only well informed but looking to make connections with like-minded professionals.

Take a minute or two and find your passion topic…it will build your brand and establish your credibility as a thought leader within the industry.

It’s a great way to connect with and build your unique community.

Trish Tonaj is a Certifed Personal Trainer, Master Coach, Author, Mentor, and Speaker offering keynotes and workshops on how to amplify your success. She is the founder and guest blog host for, a portal in support of mentorship and the entrepreneurial spirit.  We invite You to share your story!