About canfitpro



Company Profile

canfitpro is the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Founded in 1993, canfitpro delivers accessible, quality education, certifications, conferences, trade shows, and membership services. canfitpro’s over 24,000 members include some of the world’s finest fitness professionals, health club operators, industry suppliers, and fitness consumers.

canfitpro provides the following member services:

  • Educational events throughout the year
  • Certification courses, exams and resources
  • Bi-monthly magazine for our members
  • Monthly e-communications
  • Shopping opportunities at our trade shows across the country
  • Job postings network for club owners, managers, and program directors
  • Discounted liability insurance program
  • Discounted products and services from other partners
  • Networking opportunities for fitness professionals and fitness consumers

Facts about canfitpro

  • canfitpro is Canada’s largest certification organization for fitness professionals.
  • canfitpro offers education for both fitness professionals and fitness consumers.
  • canfitpro hosts over 6 fitness events across Canada annually.
  • The canfitpro world fitness expo is the largest combined fitness conference and trade show in the world with over 16,000 delegates and visitors.

Executive Summary

Company Background

canfitpro was founded in 1993 as a voice for all fitness professionals. Establishing itself as a member-driven education company, canfitpro hosted a conference and trade show for fitness professionals in London, Ontario.

In 1996, after three successful years in London, the conference was relocated to Toronto, where it grew rapidly, offering an increasingly diverse curriculum and larger trade show. With breakout sessions for all types of fitness professionals connected to the industry, the conference delegate base grew year over year.

Appealing to an ever broader market of allied health professionals, by 1998 the growth of the company necessitated that the conference be moved to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Canada’s largest convention centre. That same year, canfitpro’s Certification department was launched offering affordable, accessible certification for personal trainers and group fitness instructors.

In the years since, canfitpro has continued to grow, with almost 100,000 members across Canada and over 25 countries. Now offering multiple certification designations, canfitpro has grown to not only be the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry, but combined with its conference and trade show, has acquired the reputation as being one of the top fitness organizations in the world.

Company Future

With a foundation of proven success and a model of accessibility in the area of fitness education, canfitpro plans ahead to a future where it will expand its offerings beyond the fitness professional, to service the fitness education needs of all.

By building on the strength of its current programs and introducing new programs to serve the industry, canfitpro will continue to pride itself on being both sensitive to its membership as well as helping shape the direction in which the industry as a whole grows.

Through the efforts of all of canfitpro’s stakeholders, canfitpro will continue to be a world leader in the combined certification and continuing education of fitness instructors, personal trainers, allied health professionals, and fitness consumers.

Summary of Services


Whether you are an aspiring fitness professional, a club owner, or a fitness consumer there is a membership level just for you.


canfitpro demonstrates commitment to the fitness industry and shows a high standard of competency and ability. Continuous training demonstrates a dedication to self-improvement and a commitment to providing motivation and information for all participants. Known for quality and enthusiasm, a canfitpro certification establishes a benchmark for excellence and education in the fitness industry.


canfitpro events are the world’s best events for fitness professionals. Combining great opportunities to obtain continuing education with networking and world-class trade shows, these are events you need to attend!

Trade Show

What event experience would be complete without a visit to the trade show? As important as the event sessions themselves, the trade show provides you with opportunities to take advantage of the lowest prices on the hottest goods the fitness industry has to offer.


Inspire healthy living through fitness education.


As the leading global provider of fitness and wellness education, canfitpro empowers people to lead passionate and fulfilling lives through safe, fun, and effective physical activity.


United as members, canfitpro delivers the world’s best, accessible, affordable, and attainable fitness education and experiences.

Kyle Tomlin, CMP | Vice President

Kyle is a seasoned trade association executive with more than 20 years of experience leading teams, driving success and growth. Prior to joining canfitpro, Kyle spent 11 years in the retail and retail real estate sectors.  In the past 5 years, Kyle helped Retail Council of Canada evolve into a modern digital culture, growing the events and membership service experiences.  Prior to that Kyle spent 6 years leading Canadian operations at the International Council of Shopping Centres, running first class events across Canada, and growing ICSC’s Canadian membership by more than 40%.

A Certified Meetings Professional,  in his early career Kyle was a successful event planner, running top quality events, conferences and conventions for several different industries.  Kyle had the unique opportunity to lead staffing and transportation management for the FIFA U-20 soccer tournament with Canada hosted in 2007.  Kyle also ran the first ever shopping centre conference held in Botswana, Africa.  Kyle finds fulfillment in being able to create, plan & lead growth within organizations. Kyle has a unique ability to turn core industry challenges into products and services that members value.  Kyle works with key sponsors and other strategic partners to drive revenue growth, and enhance an organization’s key value proposition.

Maureen Hagan | Chief Operating Officer

Maureen (Mo) Hagan is a global fitness ambassador and has been recognized for her work in fitness that spans over three decades. Mo is the Chief Operating Officer for canfitpro and has been an integral part of canfitpro since 1993. Mo has been working in the fitness industry since 1984 and is an award-winning group fitness instructor and program director, and the recipient of multiple industry awards including the IHRSA Julie Main Woman Leader of the Year (2016) and the Canadian Fitness Industry Leader of the Year (2019). As a member of the Board of Directors for Prescription to Get Active Canada (RXTGA) and Women in Fitness Association (WIFA), Mo dedicates her life to leading and influencing leaders within the fitness industry, inspiring healthy living through fitness education.

Professional Advisory Panel 2019

These individuals have been selected based on a specific expertise in the industry and have been assembled to assist in company vision, direction, and education. Please direct any questions about the fitness industry in any aspect to our panel by email to advisorypanel@canfitpro.com

Canadian Panelists

Carol Harrison

Dione Mason

Nathalie Lacombe

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Scott Wildeman

Dr. Gillian Mandich

Tracie Smith-Beyak

International Panelists

Kristen Green

Dan McDonogh

Sean Greeley

Sgt. Ken Weichert

“Many of us make a major investment in our education during our years of college or university, but once we get out many of us stop learning. Thinking we know it all. This mistake can cost us dearly. Whether staying in touch with the latest fitness equipment, programming, or business trends, being out of the loop can render you obsolete in a changing world. However, this does not have to happen. By joining the canfitpro network you position yourself as being on the cutting edge of the fitness industry, going from obsolete to invaluable.”

Colin Milner
CEO – International Council on Active Aging

“As the President of Club Fit Corp. and Fitness Industry Council of Canada, the canfitpro International Fitness and Club Business Conference and Trade Show in Toronto offers an educational opportunity unlike any other in our industry – not only does it provide me an environment in which I am able to learn important and impacting information concerning the evolution of our industry, but is also provides me the opportunity to network with fitness professionals from across Canada, offering an exceptionally diverse learning experience and the inspiration to better my business and our industry.”

David Hardy
President, Club Fit Corp., Edmonton AB, www.CLUBFIT.ca
President, Fitness Industry Council of Canada, www.ficdn.ca

“I have been attending the canfitpro International Fitness and Club Business Conference and Trade Show for the past 5 years. canfitpro’s focus on the professional side of this business provides me an opportunity to learn more about the drivers and trends of Group Fitness and Personal Training as well as an opportunity to network with my peers and program leaders in this area of our business”.

Geoff Dyer
CEO – Lifestyle Family Fitness

“canfitpro International Fitness and Club Business Conference and Trade Show is one of the ‘can’t miss’ fitness conventions of the year. It does the best job of any convention of combining the business and the fitness aspects of the industry. In addition the trade show is outstanding; a veritable one-stop shopping opportunity for the latest and greatest innovations in equipment, technology and related products and services. I always bring a large number of staff to the convention because it is one of the best ways to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. If you want to know where ‘the puck is going to be’, you must attend canfitpro!”

Victor Brick
CEO – Brick Bodies

“Canadians know how to run a world class fitness conference. You’ll be impressed with the outstanding presenters from all over the world, the huge trade show and the diversity and magnitude of workshop selections. On top of all that the conference is so inexpensive and if you’re an AMERICAN, your dollar is worth so much more. The Canadian hospitality you’ll receive will knock your socks off!

Sherri McMillan
Vancouver, Washington

“I have attended every canfitpro show since the very start and what can I say but WOW! The event has grown into an outstanding international conference, one of the top fitness conferences in the world. If you are looking for information, education, resources or tools to help you serve your clients better, this is the place to be. If you are selling a products to fitness clubs, rec centers, YMCA, JCC and a multitude of other industries, this is the place to be. Bottom line: This is the place to be if you are in the fitness field. “

Colin Milner
CEO – International Council on Active Aging

“While I found the IHRSA Show, as well as, the canfitpro Show to be very productive foray, I have to say from my viewpoint, that canfitpro offers a superior presentation in that the booths are well laid out and accessible. Added to that, the availability of many varied products+ clothing lines makes this show an experience not to be missed.”

Ethel Jack
Ease-E-Club. Fitness Club Management

“I regard canfitpro International Fitness and Club Business Conference and Trade Show as one of the most comprehensive and best conferences currently in the world for the fitness industry.”

Tony de Leede
Fitness First Australia