4 Best Exercises for Active Aging - Featured Photo

By TJ Sadler 

As an older adult, it’s important to embrace an active lifestyle to stay healthy and avoid injuries. Good health is a powerful tool that allows you to live independently and to have a mobile life. As one ages, the body becomes more vulnerable to diseases and undergoes changes that affect your flexibility and stability. That is why older adults are encouraged to stay active to help strengthen their bones and avoid joint pain that might be caused by weakness.  

Here are a few exercises that older adults should consider beginning with. 

1. Strength Training 

One of the purposes of strength training is to build lean muscle, which in turn causes a boost in metabolism. When your metabolism increases, you can burn more calories, and this training helps to tone your muscles, a process that helps you to feel better and look stronger. Studies have shown that strength training also encourages a good night’s sleep, and it’s the perfect solution if you want to reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, and osteoporosis. Some strength training exercises you could try including squats, push-ups, weightlifting, and using resistance bands. You can find more information here to get started with your strength training program that will give you these benefits. 

2. Endurance Training 

Endurance exercises are important to increase your heart and breathing rate. They are good for your lungs, heart health, and the circulatory system in general as they help improve overall health. Some of the exercises that fall under this category include walking, hiking, jogging, cycling, dancing, swimming, and playing games like tennis. 

3. Balance Training 

The core function of balance exercises is to strengthen the lower body. These help to reduce the risk of falling and work on improving posture. This category should be combined with a strength training program so that you are building muscle while also stabilizing your core. Some of the exercises suited for this include standing on one foot, walking heel to toe, and sitting and standing from a chair without supporting yourself. 

4. Flexibility Exercises 

For older adults, range motion is paramount. That is why it’s necessary to focus on exercises that help you with flexibility. Having the ability to reach things without pain is important and will make your life more comfortable. There are several types of exercises to consider that are ideal for older adults. Yoga, Pilates, calf stretches, and upper arm stretches are all good for the attainment of flexibility. 

If you are an older adult, you not only need to manage your diet, but your body also requires maintenance through exercise. There are various categories of exercises that you should focus on that will give you overall success in getting fit and healthy. Consider strength exercises, flexibility exercises, endurance training, and balance training for the best results to keep your body fit and independence high. 


TJ Sadler is the editor of YEG Fitness magazine based in Edmonton, Alberta. YEG Fitness is a health and wellness community focused on healthy living and helping you achieve your best self through all aspects of wellness. Good health is a powerful tool that allows you to live independently and have a mobile life.