Greco Method At-Home

People often ask us what the Greco experience is about. Greco members come to our studios for personalized training, accountability & results. Plain and simple.

Before the lockdowns, our members trained with us in-studio 4-6 times per week, the Greco Method addiction, a healthy one at that. When all of our studios were mandated to shut down in March, we made it our mission to bring that same addiction from our in-studio experience to member’s homes as quickly and with the highest quality as possible. We started by committing to continue servicing our members at the highest level. This meant that an On Demand workout library or a build your own workout template were not going to cut it – we needed to go BIG.

So, in the first week of April 2020, our Virtual Studio Experience was born and has since evolved to offer 42 LIVE Interactive classes weekly with over 1,000 workouts (and counting) available 24/7. Our Virtual Studio offers circuit-style workouts using little to no equipment and workouts focusing on building muscle, burning fat and improving the way you move. We have classes that focus on targeting specific areas as well as full body circuits that are always fresh and unique. Each workout is different from the last ranging from 20-45 minutes, ready to accommodate anyone’s schedule. Our Trainers continue to provide motivation & technique improvements in real-time from the comfort of your own home. Learn more about Greco Method At-Home HERE.


Greco Fitness has become the #1 results-based hybrid training model in North America – offering results-based fitness programming online and in-studio to the everyday athlete. We know at-home workouts are here to stay, and we are excited that 2020 pushed us to develop an online training system that continues to deliver results with equipment varying from body weight to dumbbells to household items. We are excited to continue innovating our offerings and enhancing our member experience as we enter 2021.

work out at home
work out at home


We do not see a return to the old Greco group fitness model of large class sizes in a small space, anytime, if ever, as we believe the fitness industry has been changed forever with the pandemic. We see small class sizes, ‘on the spot’ training, clean, well ventilated boutique studios, no sharing of weights, awesome trainers focused on your personal improvement, weekly progress check-ins, personalized fitness and nutrition and the best member experience in-studio and online. To learn more about how we reinvented our in-studio experience watch our reopening video HERE and see how we are keeping our members’ and employees’ safety our #1 priority HERE.

Starting in March 2020, we’ve fully pivoted our business model, transitioning our in-studio only group training, specialty programs and personal training services to our Virtual Studio Experience where we offer On Demand & Live Interactive workouts. Our Greco Method results-based personalized experience will continue to deliver Real Results to Real People whether our members train with us in-studio, online or a combination of the two. You can listen to our podcast discussion on how we pivoted our business, the lessons we learned along the way, and where we see the Greco brand moving forward in the future HERE.


For a limited time, you can see what all the hype is about with our 5-day Greco Virtual Studio Experience HERE. We look forward to welcoming you to the Greco Fam! If you have any questions or want additional information, reach out to us at and read more on our website at

Yours in Health,

The Greco Fam


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How we reinvented our in-studio experience – watch our reopening video.

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