Is It Too Late for a Summer Body

By Rev. Paul Galloro, C-IAYT

Minister of Love and Yoga Therapist

For as long as humans have existed on this planet, our relationship with the Earth has been one of great importance. Way back in our primal days we spent our entire lives with our bare skin connected to the earth, or connected to a natural fiber that was connected to the Earth. Earthing, or grounding, was a way of life.

Fast forward to modern times and what was once the way we lived is now considered a therapeutic technique that can help heal us from many aliments. Now, there is very little research available on the topic of Earthing, but the anecdotal evidence is something to consider. Let’s sink in a little deeper into this topic, shall we?

To begin, Earthing is simple. To practice, all you need to do is spend time with your bare skin connected to the Earth, whether it’s soil, grass, sand, rock, or water. Have you ever gone to the beach and went for a walk barefoot and felt amazing after? This is Earthing, and this is what we’re talking about here.

This is the reality: “We live inside a battery,” says Dr. Gaetan Chevalier, an engineer and physicist specializing in Atomic Physics and Laser Spectroscopy. “The surface of the earth is charged negatively and the ionosphere (a 60 kilometer high layer of the atmosphere) is ionized by the sun.” What happens is the strong rays of the sun penetrates through the atmosphere and split into negative and positive charges. The negative charges are transmitted into the earth through electrical currents like lightning, and the positive charges linger around in the ionosphere.

According to Chevalier, health problems arise when our bodies lack a negative charge. We receive this charge through direct contact with the earth. Our bodies benefit from these negative charges just as much as we benefit from spending time in the sun. From the sun we receive Vitamin D, and according to Earthing Canada, a company specializing in products that help bring more of these negative charges into our body’s energy field, we receive Vitamin G (for grounding) from the earth.

The theory behind Earthing is that the negative charges help to recalibrate our energy field. Modern day life exposes us to positive ions through the use of technology and limited time spent outdoors. Earthing helps us absorb negative ions that help to neutralize our body and is believed to reduce inflammation, the cause of all illness. The few small scale studies completed on this topic have revealed an improvement in sleep, which we already know is important to the repair of the body.

The next time you’re outside enjoying your physical activity, consider taking your shoes off and standing barefoot on the earth. Even just 20 minutes a day of Earthing is said to help ease chronic pain, increase energy, and relieve muscle tension.


Paul believes in miracles! He knows from experience we can become the miracle worker of our own lives! As a Divine Wellness Coach and Yoga Therapist, his approach to wellness is not traditional, going beyond the physical by embracing Spirit-ful philosophies that are grounded in Love. He believes we are all mirrors on the same disco ball, reflecting the Love that is abundantly present in our lives. When you spend time with Paul you have no choice but to Breathe, Sparkle, Love!