A Q&A With Three Canadian Fitness Professionals

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The virtual world has opened many avenues for trainers as they search for ways to reinvent their approach to business. With many clients navigating through these uncertain times, their passion is proof that they remain a lifeline to the wellness journey. We decided to reach out to a few trainers across the country to find…

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3 Reasons to Choose Seasonal Food This Fall 

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Seasonal eating means to consume foods around the same time they are naturally grown and harvested. In Canada, the types of foods in season will vary monthly, but you might be surprised to know that we have quite the abundance of produce available over the fall months and even into the winter.  Below are three…

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Massage Therapy for Lower Back Pain – How Does it Help? 

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Have you ever had to call in sick to work because of severe back pain? Or perhaps you missed a chance to play with your kids because the discomfort was too much? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Approximately 80% of adults have experienced backaches or lumbago at some point in their lives.   Can massage help…

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Before We Were Martial Artists 

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I believe that all human beings are martial artists. Some of us have embraced the artist’s way and others are latent with potential. But who were we before we were martial artists?   We could just as easily ask when humans first brushed their teeth. In fact, historians believe we started brushing our teeth approximately 5000…

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Off The Grid Eco-friendly Spin Bikes

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Off The Grid offers a commercial spinning bike, made in Canada, that transforms wasted energy into electricity. How does it work? It’s easy! Thanks to our patent-pending technology, the electricity is synchronized and distributed directly into the electrical grid of your gym. It is then used directly in the building, reducing energy consumption in real-time,…

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The 7-Figure Studio/Gym Roadmap™: 5 Steps to $100K+/month 

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What’s stopping you from growing to 7-figures as a studio/gym owner? Is it any (or all) of the following? You struggle to consistently drive in high-quality leads capable of converting to premium-paying clients. Your business’s growth is limited by the number of hours you can work because you struggle to build a strong team who…

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5 Steps to Save Time on Social Media 

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We all wear multiple hats, and as fitness professionals, we all feel pulled in a million directions at some point during our day. We feel the need to do everything, then struggle to deal with the guilt of not getting it all done. Trust me, even the most organized of us struggle with having “enough…

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Learn The Art & Science of A Successful Business From Industry Leaders

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For the last two years, canfitpro has presented powerful and engaging online events that have provided a unique opportunity to stay connected and inspire thousands of fitness professionals across the globe. As a leading authority in the fitness industry in Canada and around the world, canfitpro feels an immense sense of responsibility to continue supporting it,…

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