New for 2023: Update of the Dietary Reference Intakes for Energy 

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The Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for Energy, used by Canadian health professionals as guidance for maintaining energy balance in individuals, have been updated for the first time since 2005—and they have become more inclusive.  The DRIs have long been applied in health-care settings, policy development, and school meal programs, for example. The reference values for…

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Fuel Your Focus to Fuel Your Business and See Results

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For many business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs, March marks the end of the first quarter of the year.  We recognize that this is a critical time, especially when working in the fitness industry, where the sales goals and progress we make in Q1 sets the pace and gives us some indication of what the rest…

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Find Your Fitness Personality  

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You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole … so stop trying!  Sure, you can make yourself do the “best new” generic workout for a few weeks, but if you hate the plan (or it is too advanced, not convenient, too expensive) you will eventually quit or get injured. For sustainable change you…

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Taking Care of Your Gut 

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You know the importance of gut health by now. It has always been an important aspect of holistic, natural medicine but recently other fields such as psychology, neurology, and even immunology are beginning to understand and stress the importance of maintaining a healthy gut lining and microbiome to treat and prevent serious and chronic diseases.…

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Newly Updated: Children’s Fitness Coach Course

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To support fitness professionals in designing and delivering quality fitness and exercise programs for children, canfitpro recently updated and enhanced its Children’s Fitness Coach course.  According to the 2022 ParticipACTION Report Card, only 17.5% of Canadian children and 11.6% of youth (ages 12-17) are meeting the requirements set by the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines, which support children’s…

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Top-Notch Trainer Tips to Recharge 

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Personal trainers, fitness coaches and nutritionists are more than individuals creating and delivering safe and effective exercise programs and nutritional protocols. Collectively, we all share a love of health and a deep-rooted passion to help others live their best life. Bringing our A game to our clients day in and day out is exhilarating but…

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The State of Fitness in 2023

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Welcome to The State of Fitness in 2023. As we look at the year ahead, fitness experts across Canada are predicting more focus on personalization, physical and mental wellness, and a return to foundational moves designed to build strength and prepare us for daily life. canfitpro’s Fitness Trends Report is based on responses from more…

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Be the Best Group Fitness PROfessional You Can Be 

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Whether we are a full-time group fitness instructor or teaching part-time in addition to our “day job” or any number of variations in between those two personas, it is rarely a bad idea to check-in with ourselves and ask, “am I doing my part to truly put the ‘pro’ in being a literal canfitpro?”  In…

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Newly Released: Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health 

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Even small amounts of alcohol can be damaging to our health.  As leaders in health and wellness, fitness professionals can help Canadians to make well-informed decisions about their alcohol consumption by raising awareness about the new guidelines (and where to go to find out more).   5 Key Takeaways:  Based on the latest evidence, the Canadian…

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