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Fight Fitness

What type of Facility are you?  

We are a Fitness Studio.

Tell us about your business?

Fight Fitness is the leading fitness company helping people make the difficult look easy. That’s why we call our clients ninjas!

Our services include fitness kickboxing, bootcamp and personal training with a supportive community that empowers people to burn fat, tone up and learn to kick butt in life.

How long have you been in the industry? 

We have been in business 8-10 years.

Fight Fitness
Fight Fitness

What attracted you to the fitness industry?

Joseph “Joe Fight” Hsiung is the CEO and Founder of Fight Fitness.

Having competed as an amateur kickboxer, he developed a program that regular people could do in a safe environment.

Eventually the program has grown to now over 2 studios serving over 400 members.

Fight Fitness studio
Fight Fitness studio

What made you choose to own/operate your own business?  

Seeing the lack fun workouts in a safe and systematic style, opening up a business was the next logical step to help serve more people and transform lives.

What has been your greatest challenge as a business owner/operator and how did you overcome it? 

Building a team that serves clients with the same passion and purpose is now the ongoing challenge. We’ve overcome it by create tight communication rhythms with every team member and constantly investing in their growth and development.

Fight Fitness studio
Fight Fitness studio

What do you hope your member’s achieve within your facility? 

Initially the goal is to improve their body composition, but we’d like to address their stability/mobility, strength, mindset and teach them  practical self defence skills.

Tell us your greatest memory/highlight in your career? 

Still will always be hearing a heart felt transformation story from a client and how we’ve impacted not only them, but their families.

How long have you been a Business Member? 

We have been members 1-3 years.

Have you used a business coach to better educate you and your business? 


Fight Fitness
Fight Fitness studio

If “Yes”, who?

We have used NPE Fitness.

Do you have a favourite quote or saying you try to live by each day?  

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.