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By Amadou Tall, Entandem

As people prepare for the New Year, “get in shape” and “hit the gym” are likely to top their resolutions list, and music could make a huge difference in keeping them motivated and committed.

Music is a marketing tool, and research from the Music Drives Fitness study reveals that more than half of active Canadians said that when they hear music they like in an exercise class, they’re likely to tell their friends about the gym.

Nearly four in ten believe that with music playing, it feels like the gym cares more about their experience. And nearly one-third feel good knowing that they don’t have to worry about bringing their own music to work out.

But to use music effectively, picking any old playlist to run in the background is a mistake. Music is far more powerful when used strategically. After all, music brings business to life, especially at fitness studios and gym facilities. Making music an integral part of your brand, with the right expertise, can positively affect your bottom line.

Music can even directly influence how customers view their gym – especially Millennials. Upon hearing a workout-appropriate, curated playlist at the gym, one in three of them believe the gym is of high quality, and one in four think the gym is “trendy” or “cool.” And eight out of ten women agree that music pushes them to finish a difficult exercise class at the gym.

So, when music is integral to your brand and business strategy, it can play an important role in maintaining the high-energy, motivational spirit of exercise classes, and can inspire your clients to get the most out of their workout.

When you’re evaluating the music in your gym, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Does the music you’re playing reflect your gym’s brand, as well as the needs and expectations of your members and clients?
  2. Are you spending the time and effort to tailor unique, curated playlists with a fresh, high-energy mood to keep your members motivated?
  3. Have you asked your staff for their opinion, and are you open to their feedback?

Walk through any good fitness club and you’re probably surrounded by music. This is by design. The best gym owners know that music creates an energizing atmosphere for their business, and it’s worth the time to maximize ROI.  As more and more gyms and fitness facilities use music strategically to drive their marketing efforts and build their brand, they’ll continue to reap the rewards — like higher traffic, greater customer satisfaction, and increased loyalty.

How important is music to workout experiences?

How important is music to workout experiences?
How important is music to workout experiences?

Amadou Tall is Director of Entandem, a new company jointly owned by RE:SOUND and SOCAN that ensures that music creators and publishers are compensated for the use of their music in public through simplified licensing. Music license payments are returned to music creators and publishers in the form of royalties, ensuring that more music can be created.

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