canfitpro 2021 virtual trade show

One year after the pandemic officially began, it is hard to believe that many businesses are still closed while others are operating at fifty percent or less capacity.  Corporate budgets have more allocation in technology investment larger investment into technology.  From small businesses to large corporations, annual budgets indicate an increased allocation to technology solutions like cloud-based systems, video conferencing platforms, and soft telephone systems to help flatten the curve.

When we decided to build the canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series, there were many questions, concerns, and more questions.  But if we learned anything, it was that the fitness industry is resilient. Fitness business owners and operators, fitness professionals, and enthusiasts all joined for the 4-month experience.  We exceeded all the attendance expectations and goals set when we decided to pivot.  Now we are doing it again.

So, what did we learn in 2020?  We learned lots, and the following list of virtual trade show do’s and don’ts can help you prepare for success at your next Virtual Trade Show, including, canfitpro 2021 Online: FitPro event on April 10 and the canfitpro 2021 Online: Global Conference & Tradeshow on August 13-14.


  • Special Event Offer: provide an attractive and exclusive show special to attract visitors to your booth/discount. Create a discount code for each event to reinforce exclusivity, for example “canfitpro20” for a canfitpro event
  • Strong Branding: Brand your virtual booth to stand out! If you have an image, make sure it is not too “busy” and that your discount code/offer is clear
  • Networking: use as many engagement tools as possible during the event to network and interact with delegates including the use of chats, discussion boards, and direct messaging.
  • Meeting Scheduler: share your availability with delegates to book meetings with you during or after event.  It is a tough juggling act to balance sessions with visiting the Trade Show so meetings will help you not miss any opportunities
  • Live Rep: it is always nicer to talk to a live person, so have someone available on the day of the event to answer questions at your booth
  • Promote our Involvement: tell everyone where you will be on the day(s) of the event.  When you promote your presence before and during the event on social media it helps build your brand engagement.  Don’t forget to tag the event organizers.
  • Product Highlights: highlight some of your most popular and new products in your booth. You will attract the audience you want with the right product positioning.
  • Contesting: this remains one the most traditional and effective methods to gain leads.  Offer an ‘enter to win’ and see the leads pour in.  Make the prize something desired by your visitors.


  • Forget to Follow-up: the worst thing you can do after you gain leads at an event is forget to follow-up as soon as possible, using the momentum from the trade show to convert it to a sale.
  • Give Away too Much: always offer value but don’t give away everything.  Your offer should create a lagging sale decision.
  • Avoid the Bait: consumers are noticing clickbait from a mile away, don’t get caught with empty promises or value.  You can lose your clients forever. You might also increase your email bounce rates, decrease open rates, and make your brand lose credibility.
  • Don’t. Be. Late.: Attendees to your virtual product demo or live chat want to connect with your brand immediately and being late is a sign of disrespect to their time and availability.

Some learning absolutely will translate from virtual events into a live in-person format so keep this list handy and we hope to see you at an upcoming canfitpro event.