Body Positive Practices for Older Adult Clients 

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Like younger bodies, older bodies also come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is important for fitness professionals working with older clients to embrace size inclusive and body positivity practices. There are several ways in which fitness professionals can do this.  The first practice in which fitness professionals can engage to support inclusion is…

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Yoga Instructor Survival Guide 

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Yoga teachers around the world can all agree that teaching is the best job in the world, but it can be a hard job. We take on a lot of other people’s energy, and we are also responsible for altering negative energy in our classes to reflect a more positive environment. This can be very…

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New Research On Exercise and Diabetes 

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It is becoming more likely you will have a person with diabetes in your studio, fitness class, or as a personal training client. In fact, Diabetes Canada recently reported that 640 Canadians are diagnosed with Diabetes each day – one person every six minutes.   It is National Diabetes Awareness month and as fitness professionals we…

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Massage Therapy for Lower Back Pain – How Does it Help? 

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Have you ever had to call in sick to work because of severe back pain? Or perhaps you missed a chance to play with your kids because the discomfort was too much? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Approximately 80% of adults have experienced backaches or lumbago at some point in their lives.   Can massage help…

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Mental Health & Fitness: Nicky Coyne 

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Nicky Coyne  Richmond Hill, ON  canfitpro PRO TRAINER: PTS, FIS, HWL, FMA, CPR  How has your mental health been challenged in the fitness industry?  Having been involved with the fitness industry for almost 32 years, I can honestly say I have had many challenges with my mental health. From the days of the early 90s,…

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The Power of Exercise to Slow Aging 

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We’ve heard it before – use it or lose it. When it comes to slowing the aging process. Toronto’s Dr. Greg Wells, senior scientist in translational medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, says the way we age is in our control.  “We traditionally think that aging is when our muscles get smaller,…

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Mental Health & Fitness: Louise Vigneault 

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Louise Vigneault Brampton, ON canfitpro PRO TRAINER: PTS, FIS, HWL, FMA, CPR  How has your mental health been challenged in the fitness industry?   COVID-19 has been a challenge for many people and affected me personally – during that time I couldn’t do what I love to do to help me manage my stress, which is working out.…

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Mental Health & Fitness: Stephanie Medford 

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Stephanie Medford  Whitby, ON  canfitpro PRO TRAINER: PTS, FIS   How has your mental health been challenged in the fitness industry?  I became a canfitpro Personal Training Specialist (PTS) PRO TRAINER for the opportunity to inspire the next generation of fitness leaders to lead with passion and empathy. I am obsessed with helping trainers build connections,…

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5 Ways to Boost Your Workout and Mood  

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As fitness professionals, you know that movement helps you feel better, de-stress, improves brain function, and can leave you in a better mood. And who doesn’t need a little bit more happiness in their daily lives?  During cardio training, your heart becomes stronger and more efficient; this increases the capacity of the heart, blood vessels,…

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