Running Tips for Motherhood

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Let’s chat about running, Mama. Besides the physical and mental benefits, one of the biggest perks of running is its versatility: you can do it anywhere, at any age, during any stage of life, whether alone or with a group. It’s like the jack-of-all-trades of the fitness world!   The hardest part? Getting started!   A great…

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Balance Training Tips

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The average person walks between 6,000 and 8,000 steps a day with each step absorbing two-to-three times their body weight — depending on your activity. Let’s face it — being sure-footed at any age can be a challenge, but you can take control by incorporating exercises to improve your balance and build strength in the…

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20-Minute Stroller-Based Workout for All Moms 

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Becoming a parent comes with an overwhelming amount of rewards—from morning snuggles to first giggles, motherhood is full of moments to celebrate. And then there are the days when you find dirty clothes in your dishwasher, forget to bring extra diapers, or worst of all… can’t find your coffee!  While it may not seem the…

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Fitness for Kids & Youth with Autism or Intellectual Disabilities

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Staying active has big benefits By GoodLife Kids Foundation April is World Autism Month; an opportunity to learn and celebrate individuals with autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or autism, is a complex neurological and developmental disorder that affects how a person acts, communicates, learns, and interacts with others. Often, kids and youth with autism can…

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Outdoor Workouts for Spring

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Goodbye winter, hello spring! Now that the ground has thawed and warmer weather is in the air, it’s a great time to take your fitness outdoors and discover new ways to move your body. Take up running. It’s an aerobic total body workout that allows you to go at your own pace, plus it’s inexpensive…

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4 Best Exercises for Active Aging 

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By TJ Sadler  As an older adult, it’s important to embrace an active lifestyle to stay healthy and avoid injuries. Good health is a powerful tool that allows you to live independently and to have a mobile life. As one ages, the body becomes more vulnerable to diseases and undergoes changes that affect your flexibility…

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Don’t Underestimate the Benefits of Aquatic Workouts

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Take your next workout to the pool and discover the unique benefits of aquatic exercise! It’s a fun and safe way to get a full body workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. Having a basic knowledge of how to swim is a good idea, but you don’t need to be a professional…

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Winter Cycling Tips 

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By Sigma Sports  Don’t let the cold and snow stop you from reaping the benefits of cycling throughout the winter. Whether you decide to log some miles commuting to work or riding snowy trails, it’s a fantastic way to exercise the body, mind, and soul.  The experts at Sigma Sports have come up with some simple tips to help you prepare for and…

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Core. It’s More Than What You Think.

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Focus on it less, to focus on it more By Patrick Rado & Vyshnavi Sivakumaran, Founders of Fitness In Place   There are two common misconceptions about “the core.” The first is that having a “good core” or a strong core, has anything to do with the way it looks. The second is that “core” and your “abs” are mutually exclusive, they are…

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Working with Injured Clients Online

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Training clients online is challenging on so many levels. Working with an injured client can make it even more challenging. It is our responsibility as certified fitness instructors and personal trainers to be certain our classes and personal training sessions are safe and modifiable. This may take extra thought and preparation on the part of the instructor/trainer.   Here are five things to consider when working in…

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