Posture – Elixir of Life 

Posture - Featured Image

Humans have been trying to decode the secrets of a long life for ages. Alchemists have sought after the elixir of life from ancient Mesopotamia to ancient China. They have mixed many herbs, roots, and spices to create a formula that ensures radiant vitality and longevity.  To this day, a long and functional life is…

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Combination Exercises: The Epitome Of Efficiency 

Combination Exercises- Featured Image

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Funk Roberts (@funkrobertsfitness) Let’s talk about combination movements for a second.  As a personal trainer, most of your clients are probably used to doing isolation exercises—bicep curls, shoulder presses, triceps extensions, and the like. I’m not here to tell you that isolation movements aren’t effective because…

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The Importance of Active Recovery

Active Recovery blog - featured image

Congratulations. Even though the world experienced a few tough years navigating through COVID, you’ve managed to find a way to dig in and keep up with your fitness regime. Many of you purchased home equipment, went back to the gym, hired personal trainers, or even found a new activity to help reset your bodies and…

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Before We Were Martial Artists 

Martial Arts blog - featured photo

I believe that all human beings are martial artists. Some of us have embraced the artist’s way and others are latent with potential. But who were we before we were martial artists?   We could just as easily ask when humans first brushed their teeth. In fact, historians believe we started brushing our teeth approximately 5000…

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Off The Grid Eco-friendly Spin Bikes

Off the grid blog- featured photo

Off The Grid offers a commercial spinning bike, made in Canada, that transforms wasted energy into electricity. How does it work? It’s easy! Thanks to our patent-pending technology, the electricity is synchronized and distributed directly into the electrical grid of your gym. It is then used directly in the building, reducing energy consumption in real-time,…

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Running Tips for Motherhood

Running Tips Blog - Featured Image

Let’s chat about running, Mama. Besides the physical and mental benefits, one of the biggest perks of running is its versatility: you can do it anywhere, at any age, during any stage of life, whether alone or with a group. It’s like the jack-of-all-trades of the fitness world!   The hardest part? Getting started!   A great…

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Balance Training Tips

Balance Training Tips Featured Photo

The average person walks between 6,000 and 8,000 steps a day with each step absorbing two-to-three times their body weight — depending on your activity. Let’s face it — being sure-footed at any age can be a challenge, but you can take control by incorporating exercises to improve your balance and build strength in the…

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20-Minute Stroller-Based Workout for All Moms 

Stroller updated - Featured Photo

Becoming a parent comes with an overwhelming amount of rewards—from morning snuggles to first giggles, motherhood is full of moments to celebrate. And then there are the days when you find dirty clothes in your dishwasher, forget to bring extra diapers, or worst of all… can’t find your coffee!  While it may not seem the…

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Fitness for Kids & Youth with Autism or Intellectual Disabilities

GoodLife Kids Foundation blog - Featured Photo

Staying active has big benefits By GoodLife Kids Foundation April is World Autism Month; an opportunity to learn and celebrate individuals with autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or autism, is a complex neurological and developmental disorder that affects how a person acts, communicates, learns, and interacts with others. Often, kids and youth with autism can…

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