Teaching Outside the Fitness Box square

By Elizabeth Mooney

It is easy to find yourself in a “rut” as a fitness instructor. Your certifications land you many jobs at local gyms and fitness centers. However, only so much money can be made at these types of establishments. In addition, if you live in a small, rural community, these traditional options may be limited.

Enter Country Fusion®, a new fitness workout that incorporates country music and line dance.  Country Fusion members and instructors have become engaged in a whole new lifestyle and all of the new opportunities that come with it.

Most of Country Fusion choreography is actual line dances. These are dances that get your heart pumping at the fitness studio, but are also recognizable in the Honky Tonks. Country Fusion has capitalized on this unique aspect in many ways that other fitness instructors could replicate as well.

“Star Instructors” are hired to teach line dancing at private parties for birthdays, holidays, showers, etc. Instructors run dances at schools and hold after school programs for either students or school staff.  Country Fusion gets involved in charity events that may hire a country band or have a country theme. Instructors have participated in events at breweries, wineries, liquor tastings, and at stores that sell country wares. Additionally, corporate parties and wellness programs are eager to include workouts like Country Fusion for their employees.

Country Fusion recognizes the interests and needs of its members. Senior living homes hold fitness events with Country Fusion and instructors modify their line dances for the senior population. Many members want to practice and build their confidence with line dancing before coming to class, so I created an online tutorial Country Fusion program available for a monthly subscription.

The most common way that Country Fusion makes money is at bars and restaurants.  Instructors establish themselves at a local fitness center then encourage those same clients to attend a nightlife event. Sneakers are traded for cowboy boots! The instructor teaches a few dances and plays songs that participants know from attending fitness classes. Being visible at these nightlife venues brings new people into the gyms to take County Fusion once they see how fun it is!

Country Fusion has become the leading example of how instructors can get out of the gym and take a workout to new clients. The brand has set itself apart by being both a day out at the gym with your sneakers and a night at the Honky Tonks with your cowboy boots!


Country Fusion® is created by Elizabeth Mooney. Elizabeth has been a dancer since the age of 2 and has taught fitness for over 10 years. Past experience includes directing her own off-Broadway show in NYC, America’s Got Talent Season 6, and Mercedes Benz fashion week. Elizabeth’s personal achievements include being a finalist in the Miss Italia competition, Elite Model Management competition, Bikini USA, and in Miss Hawaiian Tropic. Being an accomplished actress, dancer, choreographer and model, Ms. Mooney has appeared in many television roles, including HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”, and roles on USA’s “Royal Pains”. Her most recent film and television appearances have been as a featured dancer on the Stars network show “Power”. Certifications include AFAA Personal Trainer, Pole Dance, Barre Assets, and training in BOSU and Bootcamp.


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