Double Dark Chocolate Truffles

Looking for the perfect end to a great holiday feast? Try the latest recipe from Teri Gentes!


  • 3/4 cup Belsoy non dairy crème ( Find this with the tetra packed dairy alternatives in the natural food section of your grocery store)
  • 350g organic dark chocolate (70 – 85%), chopped; dairy free versions are available such as Tropical Source
  • 2 tsp brandy or Kahlua or 1 tsp pure vanilla extract if desired
  • 2 tsp walnut oil, Maison Orphee’s Périgord Walnut oil (
  • 2 tbsp raw cacao nibs or crushed coffee beans. Optional, yet it adds a great punch.
  • ¼ cup crushed nibs or chocolate flakes or finely ground dark Sumatra coffee beans to roll the truffles in
  • 1 oz dark chocolate curls/flakes and small handful of fresh or dried berries to garnish


  1. Heat the Belsoy non dairy crème in a medium size saucepan over medium high heat until just about boiling. Remove from the heat source. Add in the walnut oil.
  2. While hot, add the chopped chocolate, brandy and cacao nibs or coffee beans if using. Stir until completely melted. Do your best not to over sample the mixture at this point.
  3. Cover loosely and place in the fridge for a few hours or until the chocolate mixture is firm enough to shape into rounds.
  4. Using two small teaspoons, shape the chocolate mixture into 1-inch balls, rolling with the palms of your hands and set on parchment paper.
  5. Pour the crushed cocoa nibs or chocolate flakes onto a plate and roll each truffle to coat completely.
  6. Refrigerate in an airtight container. Serve at room temperature garnishing with the chocolate flakes and berries. Fresh mint leaves are a nice touch as well – make your presentation spectacular!

Makes approx. 20 truffles pending on the size of each.


Teri Gentes is a wholistic lifestyle wellness educator and nutritional cooking coach. For more of her recipes, visit or contact her at