A Shift in Perspective

Here we are another year, another chance to begin anew and create all of those expectations and resolutions to become the perfect version of ourselves. BUT, what if this year we didn’t. What if instead we decided to accept ourselves as we are, after all aren’t we just wonderful works in progress everyday?

Now please don’t get me wrong, I believe having goals to work towards and a certain amount of discipline is healthy and integral in our daily lives. However, how often do we set unreasonable goals, where we feel forced or unhappy in trying to achieve them. Our YogaFit essence teaches us to let go of expectations and judgment, not only on our mats, in all facets of life. Now that we have the first of the year upon us rather than setting ourselves up to failure, perhaps this year our resolutions should be to simply love ourselves as we are. For some of us, this may be the hardest thing we have ever tried to do, however it should also be the most rewarding.

When we choose to love and accept ourselves as we are, we show ourselves compassion. We may also find that we take better care of ourselves because we truly listen to what we need rather than trying to force ourselves to the gym everyday or to survive off carrot sticks.

This year, let’s go easy on ourselves, remembering our YogaFit essence on and off our mat: letting go of expectations, judgments, competition and staying present. Everyday, every moment we have the opportunity to choose the words we will use, the people with whom we spend time, how we will treat others and how we will treat ourselves.

For more guidance practice the Niyamas, Yoga’s personal code of ethics:
(Saucha) Purity – in thoughts, in our environment
(Santosha) Contentment – choose gratitude and positivity
(Tapas) Discipline – for consistency in practice
(Swadhyaya) Self-Study – read and journal
(Ishwara Pranidhana) Surrender – trust in the universe

By: Lisa Greenbaum, Director YogaFit Canada Inc., Senior Master Trainer and International Presenter for YogaFit.


Director YogaFit Canada Inc., Senior Master Trainer and International Presenter for YogaFit.