As we continue to deal with the implications of the pandemic, it is helpful to reflect on how things were prior to March 2020, and how they will be once we return to a more “normal” world. One of the challenges in the fitness industry throughout the pandemic has been finding adequate insurance coverage at an affordable cost. For those who have already participated in our program offering of preferred rates and coverage for canfitpro members, we thank you for your support and hope we have earned your continued business and confidence in our insurance and service offerings. Our rates for our online products have not changed, and we will continue to offer online training coverage. We also realize how difficult it has been for trainers who make their living training clients in-person. We are hopeful that the time will come soon when these activities will resume and trainers should be able to rely on those revenue sources again.

Whether we consider the exposure from providing advice as a professional trainer, the maintenance and operation of fitness premises and equipment, or from attending fitness conferences and educational events, given the world we live in, one cannot afford to ignore the consequences of the lack of/inadequate insurance. Accidents happen every day, ranging from personal injuries, equipment malfunction, slips and falls, to situations arising out of liability from professional advice we have given. None of us are exempt from these potential exposures, and a comprehensive insurance program offers the protection needed to know that these risks are properly covered.

As the only endorsed insurance provider for canfitpro, Gallagher is proud to offer you comprehensive coverage plans for all ranges of operations in the fitness industry. Whether you are a fitness trainer working out of someone’s premises, operating an in-home studio, working with children and/or the elderly, providing CPR training, or the owner of a full fitness facility, our exclusive rates available only for canfitpro members provides coverage for everyone.

No doubt the services you provide to your customers will perhaps look a bit different for a time. In-person training will involve masks, social distancing, equipment cleaning, hand washing and other practices required to stay safe. Facilities will have not only added cleaning costs, but will also potentially limit the number of clients allowed.

For the most part, insurers are excluding COVID-19 exposures from their wordings. However, Gallagher will continue to try our best to provide the most comprehensive coverage available with competitive rates. We will also monitor the situation closely and, where possible, make changes to our program to enhance your insurance experience and coverage options.

In the meantime, please contact us should you have any questions. We offer customer service in both English and French and the same program is available across Canada, including 24/7 claims support. This program is available to those who are 18 years of age or older, a resident of Canada, a current canfitpro member, or those who hold a current Professional Fitness Certification either with canfitpro or another accredited fitness association.

We wish you all the best and look forward to the opportunity when we can once again see you face-to-face at the canfitpro conferences across Canada. Be well and stay safe.


Murray Mackenzie, C.I.P., B.Comm., is Senior Vice President of Commercial Insurance at Gallagher. Murray has been working in the insurance industry for over 30 years. He is a graduate of McMaster University. Contact him at or visit