Stop trying to get your clients motivated. Let go of the goal of “building willpower”. Instead help your clients build appropriate “systems”.

In this episode:

4:00 – A better way to look at New Year’s resolutions

7:00 – How your client can find their fit; why “one size fits all” doesn’t work for everyone when it comes to fitness

11:00 – How present bias stops people from achieving their goals and how to overcome this with willpower

14:00 – Questions personal trainers should ask to help their clients set and achieve their goals; Mistakes trainers make when helping clients set their goals

18:00 – How to overcome negative self-talk

25:00 – How the “Love it” rule helps clients maintain realistic goals

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Kathleen Trotter holds a masters in Exercise Science, is the author of two books including the new book Your Fittest Future Self, and is a Personal trainer, Nutritionist, Pilates Specialist and Life Coach. Visit her at KathleenTrotter.com

Twitter: @FITbyKathleenT

Instagram: @fitbykathleent