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The Coronavirus pandemic is a natural disaster on a global scale–but it is taking a personal toll on each of us. During this stressful time, it is critically important that we find ways to keep our bodies moving. Jungshin Fitness will improve your mental, emotional and physical health so you can be at your best, no matter what is happening in the world around you.

Keep on Moving

JUNGSHIN FITNESS (Jungshin Fitness – Sword Focused Group Fitness) was quick to adapt to the new social distancing requirements by offering a rich variety of online classes through our website. Live Workouts and MEMBERSHIP VIP program!

Jungshin offers a high-intensity, full-body workout using a wooden practice sword as a lever for balance and power. The choreographed stances and strikes combine movement meditation and directional momentum training. This means that the physical body engages muscles quickly while recovering and resting all at the same time. This dynamic, martial arts-based practice will help you increase mental focus even as you slice, jump, stretch, and target your core. The Jungshin moving meditation practice works the body from the inside out, leaving you refreshed and strong.

Testimonial: During the Covid pandemic of 2020-2021, the fitness industry had to rethink how to deliver training to all fitness enthusiasts. Along came Zoom, FB, and IG: Jungshin instruction from Master Annika on Zoom. What a great avenue to contact with other like-minded souls. The pandemic gave me a new platform to train with world-class instructors. SLICE it Up! #JungshinFitness –Jill E., California


• Targets and tones the entire body

• Strengthens tendons and joints

• Builds confidence

• Relieves stress

• Increases mental focus

• Promotes weight loss

• Improves posture

• Enhances biological variability

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Jungshin Fitness is an easy way to keep your gym or studio active. Join our lively community of instructors or take a training class to deepen your personal practice. You will benefit from increased sales, clients, and new revenue generating products, plus you will have access to our instructor portal for ongoing training and support. For a reference, talk to master Colleen Lemay of New Generation Martial Arts, to see how she did it!

Our next instructor training is October 23rd and/or October 24th, 2021. REGISTER HERE to study with world grand champion and Jungshin creator ANNIKA KAHN (About Annika Kahn)

Annika Kahn

Jungshin instructors receive not only swords, but access to a whole way of life that allows you to reach your clients in deep and meaningful ways. (Become An Instructor). Jungshin has just launched its dance flow, personal training track, slice flow, and short sword flow. As an instructor and practitioner you can implement whichever format calls you!

REGISTER for our online Jungshin Sword Fitness Instructor Training. October 23rd and/or October 24th, 2021 — EARLY WARRIOR SPECIAL PRICING through 9/30/2021. INSTRUCTOR TRAINING – calling on all global warriors.

Jungshin Fitness is committed to a sustainable future for our planet. We will automatically donate 15% of your Jungshin purchase to one of the eight charities listed on our website – you choose! It is no extra cost to you, but a lot of good for the planet.

We LOVE you!

The Jungshin Fitness Team


Annika is an award-winning presenter with an extensive background in athletic conditioning and sports performance. She has been awarded four world grand champions and the rank of third-degree black belt in the Korean Martial Art of Kik Sool Won and is a loyal and dedicated student under Master Sung Jin Su. Annika develops and implements instructor-training programs and leads corporate team-building events worldwide. She is known for transformational programs that are playful and accessible yet challenging.