Country Fusion® is a new fitness workout that incorporates country music and dance into one wild ride!  It is sweeping North America and across the world as a new way to workout, have fun, and connect the dance fitness studio to the greater local business community!  Country Fusion® was created by professional dancer, performer, and fitness trainer Elizabeth Mooney, of the greater New York City area.

The workout blends country, Latin, hip-hop, jazz, and swing into a total body dance program that is designed for all levels, ages, and genders.  Participants burn up to 500 calories in a 50 minute, LIIT-based session, where they increase their heart rate, extend their flexibility, improve postural alignment, and learn actual line dances!

country fusion
country fusion

A Country Fusion® workout can be modified to challenge any demographic.  Seniors, kids, and those new to dance workouts benefit from repetitive, low intensity sessions that boost balance, memory, and coordination.  However, those looking for a challenging workout can take a Country Fusion® class that includes line dances with intricate jumps and spins.

All Country Fusion® participants will see improvements across the board, including in their overall muscle endurance, fat loss and weight management, and improved core and joint strength, while having fun dancing to the popular country music of today!

Country Fusion® will grab the attention of many fitness enthusiasts who love to dance, but are tired of the current Latin and hip-hop trends in fitness. Some will be drawn to the recognizable country music and will be interested in the new workout. Others who may have been intimidated by the moves in Latin and hip-hop styles will find their comfort zone with Country Fusion® because of its approachable, repetitive style of dance.

Those who are certified to teach Country Fusion® receive online access to all that the workout has to offer.  Certified “Star Instructors” can view suggested playlists of music, videos breaking down and practicing dances, receive discounted workout apparel and merchandise, access to a social media network of instructors across the globe, and more!  Certification courses are both offered live and online, for convenience.

The opportunities for Country Fusion® Star Instructors are unique and endless with their new certification.  Each instructor gains the creativity and flexibility to decide on the types of dances of their four “Fusion” songs in a workout session. Styles such as salsa, cha-cha, swing, merengue, belly dance, etc. can be fused into the workout at their discretion. This allows participants in the workout the chance to try out different instructors, as no two will be quite alike!

Star Instructors may teach at local gyms to group fitness classes, can rent their own space at nearby dance studios, or coordinate with local communities to utilize public halls or outdoor spaces.  Flexibility of location allows instructors to design a fitness class schedule that fits their lifestyle and needs.

The best part of being a Country Fusion® Star Instructor is the job opportunities that open up outside of a traditional fitness class though.  Since instructors have a repertoire of actual line dances, they can book events teaching at child-parent country-themed dances or other private parties, and at public events like farms, wineries, and beer gardens.  In addition, instructors can lead country line dance nights at community nightlife venues and concerts.

Not only do these unique event opportunities benefit the instructor, but they assist the greater local business community.  Working together with restaurants, schools, stores, and local musicians, Country Fusion® builds connections and networks that may not otherwise exist.  Many of these business collaborations can be planned at outside venues during the warmer months, creating opportunities for participants, who may be hesitant to workout out indoors as the pandemic comes to an end, the chance to dance in an outdoor atmosphere.

Instructors encourage their fitness clientele to attend and show off all of their skills at these public venues and build camaraderie outside of the fitness studio.  Country Fusion® instructors and participants quite literally trade their sneakers and water bottles for cowboy boots and a drink at the honky tonks and bars!  Country Fusion® becomes a lifestyle, not just another workout.


Creator Elizabeth Mooney’s past experience includes directing her own off-broadway show and owning her own dance studio in New York.  As owner and lead performer of Wild Cherryz and Wild Cherryz Burlesque, Elizabeth was noticed by America’s Got Talent Season 6, Mercedes Benz fashion week, The Gong Show Live at BB Kings, as well as a featured segment on Sirius XM Radio.  Ms. Mooney’s personal achievements include being a finalist in the annual Miss Italia competition, a finalist for an Elite Model Management competition, a contestant in Bikini USA and in Miss Hawaiian Tropic, as well.

Being an accomplished actress as well as a dancer, choreographer and model, Ms. Mooney has appeared in many television roles, including playing a showgirl in the premiere episode of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” and roles on USA’s “Royal Pains,” and NBC’s “The Black Donnellys.”  She has also been featured on “World’s Astonishing News” as a dancer and the lead choreographer.  Her most recent film and television appearances have been as a featured dancer on the Stars Network show “Power,” and in a feature film called “Inside Game,” released in the spring of 2019.

More information about the Country Fusion® workout, how to become an instructor, and upcoming events can be found at, their Instagram account @countryfusionllc, YouTube channel “Country Fusion®,” and Facebook page “Country Fusion®.”  Elizabeth Mooney can be reached at

The new Country Fusion® Headquarters is opening in Nashville on July 2, 2021 for Country Fusion® classes, line dancing, and bachelorette parties!  Country Fusion® Headquarters is located at 2416 Music Valley Drive, Suite 142, Nashville, TN 37214.