Eco-Friendly Gym Featured Photo

April 22 is Earth Day. It’s a day to raise awareness about the environmental issues we face and the social responsibility we all have to protect the planet.  

In honour of this day, here are some tips you can implement in your gym, studio or almost any business space to become more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint, without having to completely remodel or install solar panels.  

Make recycling easy.  

Make sure you have different bins for plastic and paper. Put recycling bins in high traffic zones and change rooms so they’re convenient for people to use. Instructions on how to use and encouragement of recycling should be part of the onboarding when first-time members sign up to the gym.  

Ban plastic bottles.  

You can take recycling one step further by completely banning plastic bottles from your gym. This will encourage members to bring reusable water bottles with them and cut down on plastic waste.  

Limit paper use.  

Be selective about what you print and use paper for. Anything can be done and stored digitally now—including membership agreements and forms, client progress tracking, and employee resources.  

Make use of efficient technology.  

There are quite a few ways to cut down on your energy costs and consumption.  

Installing a smart thermostat can help regulate the temperature in your space efficiently, and you’ll be able to control the temperature from your smartphone no matter where you are.  

LED lights are highly energy efficient and are guaranteed to save you money on your electricity bill at the end of the year.  

Hand dryers are more economical than paper towels and the use of them creates less waste. Consider installing energy efficient dryers in washrooms. They may be more expensive to install, but overall, you’ll save money.  

Unplug machines when not in use. 

Even when not in use, electronics draw power so it’s best to unplug stereos, machines, and computers before you leave for the night. Remember not to leave the lights on either.  

Use eco-friendly cleaning products.  

Cleanliness should never be compromised, but your cleaning products don’t need to come with toxins and chemicals that are bad for the environment and you. Try natural, all-purpose cleaners you can make yourself or opt for brands with products that have simple ingredients.  

We all play a role in sustainability, even more so when you’re a business owner. Being an eco-friendly gym is something you can take pride in, and it just makes business sense.