Managing Stress

In all things in life there are ups and downs, highs and lows. We all experience daily stressors from our careers, relationships, finances, health, or in some cases, a sudden chronic incident like the death of a loved one.

The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not to strive to eliminate these stressors, but rather to find ways to manage them. The important thing is to remember that you have a choice in how you handle each situation and if you are armed with effective resources, you can get through anything.

Here are some tips for daily stress relief:

  1. Exercise.Through exercise and the release of endorphins, your mood will naturally lift and will help to reduce the release of stress hormones.
  2. Support System.Ensure you have people you can talk to or be with during your challenging times. Reach out to family, friends, a doctor or therapist who you trust as a good listener.
  3. Journal.The act of writing your thoughts and feelings helps to minimize overwhelming feelings.
  4. Joy.Do things that you enjoy and that bring you pleasure. Maybe you love to dance, indulge in dinner with a friend, treat yourself to a massage, or have a relaxing bubble bath. Be sure to balance your stress with enjoyment so nothing seems too massive to control.
  5. Rest.Ensure you get enough rest and relaxation. Try yoga or meditation to clear your mind. Ensure you get regular and adequate sleep each night to re-charge and re-focus.

Trust that things will get better and that you can get through whatever is stressing you!

Recommended read: So Stressed: The Ultimate Stress-Relief Plan for Women, McClellan M.D. and Hamilton M.D., 2010.