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Matrix Training Cycle 2 - Featured Image

As facilities re-open, the focus on attracting paying customers back takes on a new priority.

As usual, group cycling will assume its position as one of the ways to accomplish this goal.  Refreshing group cycling or launching a new program has taken on a new perspective with the growth of what’s being a performance metric as well as the group performance board projected on the wall.

People ride for many reasons: to burn fat, to feel energized, because they enjoy the group exercise dynamic, to enhance performance when riding on the track or road, or because they enjoy the motivation that a certain instructor or his or her music delivers. The most common reason riders attend group cycling classes, is to improve the appearance, composition, and function of their body.

These goals can all be achieved if the rider is exposed to specific levels of intensity via speed, resistance, and duration.

In 2018, Matrix Fitness introduced its new Training Cycles and supported them with Matrix RIDE.  Matrix RIDE is an instructor-led workout that blends classic group cycling and performance training with a wide range of metrics to validate and reinforce the actions of the riders and instructor. These metrics include RPM, distance, calories, heart rate, and watts on the CXP version of the cycle.

Programming is designed to empower instructors to teach with the latest techniques, maximize results and promote the safe and effective use of Matrix Training Cycles.

The Matrix RIDE training workshop includes pre-choreographed classes while also teaching instructors how to develop their own structured classes.

Matrix RIDE promotes the standardization of riding positions and provides an in-depth understanding of the best riding position for all riders.

What sets the CXP Target Training Cycle apart from the rest of the series is a distinctive Target Training Display that uses engaging graphics and vibrant colors to motivate riders, gauge effort, and keep everyone on track for their goals.

Integrated testing establishes personalized targets, so instructors can seat elite cyclists next to deconditioned users and first-time participants and be sure that everyone will get a workout that challenges them to make measurable progress.

Three vibrant colors express each rider’s level of effort relative to their personalized metric target, and trainers can intuitively guide members through different phases of their ride, from warm-up to a steady pace to threshold intervals and back to cool-down.

“When you combine these dynamic cycles with our original programming, you really have something special,” said Steve Barrett, director of global group education and training for Matrix. “Best of all, you can always keep your cycling classes fresh by holding sessions that focus on different metrics, and that’s sure to keep your riders coming back for more.”

The versatility of the Matrix RIDE Implementation Plan and the Training cycles means you can offer both a blend of classic style classes and performance classes. 


The CXP version of the bike will connect with any 3rd party leaderboard or tracking system that uses the most common connection systems of ANT+ and Bluetooth.

It also connects to the Matrix Asset Management System, Workout Tracking Network and is RFID compatible.

Our Canadian support team is focused on the performance of the cycles, the education program and also the implementation and ongoing support.

For more information on the Matrix Training Cycles, the Matrix RIDE Implementation plan, please contact 


Greg Lawlor is the VP of Business Development for Matrix Fitness Canada.  Matrix is a brand of Johnson Health Tech, a manufacturer of premium fitness equipment.  More information on the Go Series and the business model options behind it, please connect with Greg on social media @greglawlor.