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Stephanie Medford 

Whitby, ON 

canfitpro PRO TRAINER: PTS, FIS 

 How has your mental health been challenged in the fitness industry? 

I became a canfitpro Personal Training Specialist (PTS) PRO TRAINER for the opportunity to inspire the next generation of fitness leaders to lead with passion and empathy. I am obsessed with helping trainers build connections, rapport, and be authentically engaged in their client’s success and challenges. Armed with the knowledge in how to provide safe and effective programming, trainers must meet the client where they are and work their magic from there. It is time that we move beyond our body conscious ideals and find ease in living well through exercise, nutrition, and self-care.  
What is the most important thing to consider when assisting a personal training client with their mental health? 

A trainer’s impact has become increasingly important as we lean toward the benefits of exercise on mental health. By taking an interest in our client’s lives, opening conversation, and digging deeper into the emotional ‘why’ in our goal setting process, we can build more than just a strong body. It is apparent that exercise is medicine for mental health, providing coping skills and improved emotional wellbeing. Equally important is the community and support mechanism we create for our clients. Small group training is becoming increasingly popular as group activities boost our clients’ sense of belonging, building even stronger social ties and creating a greater sense of well-being.  
As certified canfitpro Personal Training Specialists, how can we influence our industry to change the stigma around mental health?  

Becoming a PRO TRAINER means that I can share the sum of my 30 years’ experience in support of the dream to have a long and rewarding career as a fitness professional. Many in the industry have the benefit of knowing a few keys to success: 

  1. Finding your niche, your avatar, who you best connect with. 
  1. Creating balance in a schedule that works just as well for you as it does for your clients. 
  1. Staying humble and open to continuing education. 

Having a mindset for movement is what keeps ourselves and our clients young, mobile, and vibrant through the ages. We exist now as a community to inspire others to move for the purpose of feeling awesome! 

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