man is doing plank

Did you know that humans, mammals and even plants sweat? While our typical thoughts and analogies regarding sweat can be fairly negative sweat is actually good for us. In fact, if we change our beliefs about sweat we can make our clients and our members happier. Instead of seeing sweat as a gross looking annoyance let’s see sweat as liquid gold.

As Fitness Professionals, we typically do a good job with communication and motivation but sometimes the education component is lacking.

More Sweat Equals More Happiness is a fabulous educational fit tip for your members and your clients

Typical analogies/feeling about sweat can be fairly negative. Take for example: No sweat, don’t sweat the small stuff and sweating like a pig.

Now, what if we could teach our clients and members to see sweat differently? I am a firm believer that “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Positive thoughts can lead to positive results which in turn can lead to more happiness over all. So, let’s look at three main reasons why sweat is good for you.

Physiological benefits

So, why do we sweat in the first place? Our skin, the largest organ in our body, has

sweat glands that are located just beneath the outer surface. These sweat glands are activated by our sympathetic nervous system in times of “stress.” This “stress” is more commonly known as our physiological flight or fight response. This response triggers an increase in our body temperature. To keep us “cool under pressure” our sweat glands activate molecules of mostly water and some other trace minerals to escape from below our skin to the surface. In turn, as these clear, salty liquid molecules start to evaporate from the surface of our skin, due to contact with the air around us, we start to feel a cooling sensation and our core body temperature starts to lower aka regulate.

Aesthetic benefits

We know that the physical attributes of sweating can include moist skin, sweat bibs- front and back,pools of sweat in places like our elbows, beads on the nose and forehead and for some of us basically looking like we jumped into a pool with our clothes on. For others, its hair sweat like the chair scene in the movie Flash Dance where water seems to spray everywhere with every movement pattern performed.

Aesthetically, sweating allows for organic detoxification as skin pores open to release mostly water and tiny amounts of ammonia, urea, salts and sugar. This added moisture to skin results in less dryness too. Remember to follow up on your sweat sessions with cool water and mild cleanser to wash away the impurities that have risen to the surface.

Emotional Benefits

The regulated body temperature allows our body systems (muscular, nervous, respiratory, reproductive etc.)to work optimally. This regulated body temperature will be different for everyone depending on genetic make-up. This is why we all sweat a bit differently.

We know when our body temperature has been regulated because we’ll feel comfortable. Not too cold and not too hot. Feeling comfy definitely puts us on the road to mood enhancement otherwise known as happier.

Remember, “No one ever drowned in sweat.”

So, let’s continue to communicate, motivate and educate our clients and members on the benefits of sweat. These simple reminders will lead to more sweat enjoyment, less embarrassment, new appreciation for the awesomeness of the human body, and essentially more happiness. Now who doesn’t want happy clients or happy members?