Painless Prospecting: How to Talk to New Leads and Book Consults!

Are you a smooth prospector, or does the thought of approaching and talking to new people make you cringe? Do you depend upon others for leads? Prospecting for new clients is like dating – scary, awkward, and sadly often involves rejection! But if you want to grow your business, it’s time to get some game!

With years of experience working in both the gym setting and as a freelance trainer with my company, Dexterity Fitness, I am proud to say that I have quickly and successfully built and continue to maintain a full client roster. Years of self-study and certifications were helpful, but so was my undergraduate degree – not in kinesiology, but in theatre! Speaking to strangers for new business is an art, and no one is just born with it – it is a skill you have to practice, and there are ways to train for it.

The first step to improving your prospecting skills is to recognize and overcome your perceived obstacles with prospecting. Do you fear rejection? Do you maintain the attitude that your gym should be solely responsible for giving you more leads?*Identify what it is that’s holding you back from prospecting

*Validate those insecurities and attitudes briefly – these feelings are real

*Hone in on what exactly it is that bothers you instead of just saying “I can’t” or “It doesn’t work” – be specific, and write them down

*Create an action plan to overcome them

You ask your clients to step outside their comfort zone and make changes all the time. Now it’s your turn! Prospecting to strangers is a worthwhile risk if you can help more clients, share your knowledge, and build your business.The next tip for successful prospecting, and the most important is building relationships. Once you take a relationship-building approach to prospecting, it won’t feel like selling. The more comfortable and sincere it feels, the more effective it will be.

*With every communication – voice mail, email, outreach activity – think less about what you need from the experience and ask yourself “How does this apply to them, and how will they benefit?”

*TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) Are you approachable? Are you the first person people think of when they think about fitness training? Develop TOMA by building your personal brand and by creating authentic relationships.

Within 20 minutes of prosecting in a way that wasn’t pushy or sales-like, I would book a minimum of five consults. Knowing that these skills were completely teachable, regardless of natural public speaking abilities, I have made it my mission to share with trainers the skills to make prospecting painless and successful with what is now a proven 10-step system of non-confrontational sales tactics that:

*builds your confidence in talking to strangers
*shows you how to best deliver your message
*provides tips for successful prospecting events like booths and seminars to entice new clients
*teaches you my best “pick-up line” to hook and book consults!

Charlene will be presenting this full 10-step Painless Prospecting system that has helped numerous fitness professionals and managers build their businesses at thecanfitpro world fitness expo! This seminar includes learnable prospecting skills and innovative prospecting ideas to build your business, all using Charlene’s trademark friendly, energetic and non-confrontational sales approach. Register now and learn how to build a successful business by presenting your best, genuine self