Christine Conti, AKA Wonder Woman, is an international fitness educator and presenter, CEO of Conti Fitness & Wellness LLC, co-host of Two Fit Crazies & A Microphone Podcast, co-owner of TFC Productions LLC Podcasting. She sits on the MedFit Education Foundation Advisory Board and author of the Arthritis Fitness Specialist Course. Christine is founder and CEO of Let’s FACE It Together™ facial exercise and rehabilitation. Christine certifies instructors to work with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS, Stroke and more. After a severe Rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and rounds of chemo in 2010, Christine left her secondary teaching career that followed her stint as an investment banker to follow her passion. YES YOU CAN is her mantra, and after 38 marathon and 2 IRONMAN finishes, she will continue to inspire others that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!