Tony Maslan

Tony Maslan brings over 25 years of fitness industry experience to the NPE team. He has a degree in biology from the University of Evansville and has held multiple certifications including CSCS and HKC. Tony served as an infantry squad leader with the United States Marine Corps in Iraq. After returning home, Tony started Custom Fit Personal Training and built a team of 13 trainers. In 2013 he successfully sold his studio and went on to manage a team of 30 trainers over 4 locations for the large local gym that purchased his studio. He first became a client of NPE’s in 2006 and was selected as their Member of the Year in 2009 when he presented his case study “How I Signed up 121 New Clients in 90 Days and You Can Too”. Tony and his wife Chrissie have 6 kids and live in Evansville, IN.