Marmitte, Ricardo

Originally from Mauritius, Ricardo Marmitte now lives in Ontario, Canada. He started dancing at the age of 8 and performed in various countries for 14 years. He became a Zumba® Educational Specialist in 2011 and has been training new Instructors all over Canada and the world. He has presented his unique style of dance fitness at numerous Zumba® Instructor Conventions, Academies and Conferences. His African Workshop: Enter the Jungle is among the most popular. He was also part of the 2013 and 2019 Zumba Fitness-Concerts™. He appears on the Zumba® DVD “Exhilarate”, 2011 Flavors DVD and many ZIN™ volumes. He travels around the world to share his passion for Zumba® with his contagious smile as well as his unstoppable energy.