Finding the Great in the Not So Great Days

By Tanya Otterstein-Liehs

In today’s ever-increasing digital age and demands, stress levels are on an astronomical rise, while our mindset and well-being on are a staggering decline. Although eating healthier and exercise are well-merited actions to decreasing your stress levels, improving your self-worth, self-love and self-confidence, body and mind connections, being in the moment, and making vital time for yourself are some crucial factors that need to be addressed, and implemented into your daily life.

Here are seven tips that will help decrease your stress, increase your self-love, improve your mindset, and well-being.

  • Begin your day by loving YOUR reflection.
  • Be grateful.
  • Learn to recognize stress symptoms and signals.
  • Carve out “ME” time every day.
  • Do move your body every day.
  • Be still and in the moment.
  • Stay hydrated.

Look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment.Whether it’s your smile, the sparkle in your eyes or the shape of your body, by acknowledging something positive about yourself every day you will increase your self-love, self-worth and you will gleam positive body awareness and vibes.

Upon waking up, think of five to ten things you are grateful for every morningTake it a step further and write down your gratitude in a journal.When you begin your day with positive affirmations and thoughts, you universally attract positive vibrations and retain a positive outlook on life.

When you become stressed, your heart rate increases, you sweat, your muscles tighten, and you may even experience a fluttering feeling, like butterflies in the pit of your stomach.By recognizing and acknowledge these symptoms, you can immediately begin stress decreasing techniques like deep breathing exercises, stretching, muscle relaxation, and positive self-talk.These will leave you feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Do not let excuses stop you from making taking this vital time.You give everyone else your time, yet fail to recognize how crucial making time for yourself is.Whether it’s reading a book, going for a walk, relaxing in a bath or painting a canvas, choose something that you love to do.These vital “ME” minutes are essential to improving your well-being.Honour and give yourself permission to do this every day.

Set a 20 – 30 minute non-negotiable appointment with yourself and use this time to go for a walk, bike ride, run or fit in a workout.Movement creates a stronger body to mind connection, burns off stress, and provides clarity of mind to help you be more productive.

When was the last time you just sat there, closed your eyes and totally focused on the sounds and smells around you?One of the best places to do this is in nature.The tranquility and positive energies you experience in nature increase your feel-good endorphins, wash away your stresses, slowing down your heart rate, and transforming you into to a very relaxed and calm state.

Water is food and fuel for your brain, vital organs, and bodily functions.When you become dehydrated, you feel sluggish, suffer from brain fog, feel lethargic, your body systems suffer from not being able to properly function, and you may even feel hungry.However, by consistently drinking water throughout the day, you’ll keep your energy levels up, filter out toxins, give your skin a natural glow, and feel healthier overall.

By implementing these seven tips into your daily lifestyle, you will soon discover a positive shift in your mindset and experience a revamped well-being.


Tanya is an EMPOWERING Mindful Health & Wellness Coach, motivational speaker, author, and creator of the Self-Empowering Academy. She helps businesses, schools, and busy moms with preteen to teenage kids across the Globe to become Empowered; learning to give yourself permission, without letting your fears or excuses stop you from making vital life dependent “ME” time every day, to stand tall with self-confidence, love your own reflection, revamp your mindset, and make room for exercise, positive mind-shift and rich self-discovery. Connect with Tanya at