Friday, March 27Arin Lindauer
9:00 – 17:00

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Most fitness professionals and business owners barely make a profit. They work long hours. They struggle to find new clients, effectively serve the clients they’ve got, and build a team.

Result: They end up sacrificing their health, relationships, and happiness.

Successful fitness business owners tell a different story. They have money and the time to enjoy it. They work smarter, not harder. That’s why they attract top paying clients who stay for years, build a team that frees them to step out of operations, and take home 6 figures–while creating an amazing lifestyle.

The good news is you can (and will) grow like the successful ones … with the right systems, tools, and support around you. Join NPE at the “How To Write a Fitness Business Plan To 2-4x Your Profits, Clients, And Revenue” one-day intensive workshop. Give your business the fuel it needs to drive more new clients, sales, and profits … while also putting systems in place that will increase your long-term success (and fun!).

Learning Objectives:
1. Create a 5-step fitness business profit plan that gives you a path forward to recapture the fun and excitement of owning your own fitness business.
2. Learn how to increase your cash flow and profitability by improving margins, pricing and packaging, and managing cost structures to increase net profit month-over-month.
3. Discover the value creation model that improves your client experience and delivers more value to boost retention, increase renewals, and gain more referrals (so you grow your business from the inside out!)
4. Develop a marketing and sales plan to gain more top-paying clients that stay for years

Price: $99 CAD
click the link to register: www.MCMPMontreal.com