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SoulBody Fitness (SBF) was co-founded by Stacey Seward Vandiver, who’s passion was to bring an exclusive “boutique” style experience to the group fitness setting of larger facilities. With her experience and love for the community of working out together, the understanding of its role as a powerful retention tool, and her entrepreneurial spirit, she created SBF’s first two signature programs: SoulBody Barre and SoulBody Barre Unhitched. These classes have a unique combination of Pilates, dance, strength training, and functional movement, that became an instant hit among club and studio members.

Since inception in 2015, SBF has broadened their reach in the market by creating more on trend and smart classes starting with SoulBody HIIT, a high intensity interval training program followed by SoulBody YogaSculpt, a yoga fusion class paired with strength training and cardio. SBF’s newest program lineup includes SoulBody Restore, a recovery-based class and SoulBody LIIT, which follows the same format as the HIIT class with low impact cardio and strength training.

With the pre-choreographed structure of each program delivered right to their inbox quarterly, SBF certified instructors, also known as the “SQUAD,” receive top-notch, results driven classes each and every time. Set to motivating, original music, these classes always draw a crowd as participants know SBF’s dedication to creativity, consistency and safety.

“I love the music – it complements the movements and motivates my members!” says Lou W, a SoulBody Fitness instructor from Toronto. “I find the programs well rounded and fun to teach.”

SoulBody Fitness has been recognized as one of the major players in the group fitness space. With quality teacher trainings, continuing education and incredible instructor support, SBF has a high retention rate for instructors, members and their club partners.

No license fees = Easy program implementation! License fees are a thing of the past and SBF offers a perfect solution to facilities looking to avoid added expenses. SoulBody Fitness stays ahead of the curve and continues to see expansion beyond the borders of North America to include Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and the APAC region.

Certifying instructors in SBF’s methods has never been easier. They have taken the magic and education of in-person Teacher Trainings and developed a Virtual Platform hosted by Elite Master Trainers. SoulBody Fitness Virtual Teacher Trainings are currently offered in a 9 hour, Single Day Module or 4.5 hour Two Day Module.  They have also created online courses for instructors that are looking to get certified and learn at their own pace.

SBF continues to apply the same standards of consistency and strong trainee support in the Virtual platform.  ACE, AFAA, NASM, ISSA and canfitpro CEUs are granted upon the completion of the module and instructor certification is awarded after submission and assessment of a live video practical to maintain integrity of the programs. SBF teacher trainings can be scheduled conveniently online from the Training Schedule page. They also offer partnership trainings which can be arranged by contacting

With a mission to inspire though movement, the SBF leadership team and the SQUAD are a force to be reckoned with. Stacey Vandiver says, “We believe in the importance of bringing together a powerful fitness collective of teachers, members, and club leadership who together, create an inspired, mindful space, contributing to a healthier and happier life for their participants. We believe in our “soul” the power of Group Exercise, especially in this often disconnected and overly connected world we live in, creating community through movement.”

Check out the Experience page to learn more about each program and stay connected via social: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Subscribe to updates, see what others have to say and take a look at SBF’s partnerships by visiting Here is a class trailer of the current programs offered:

Class Descriptions:

SoulBody Barre and SoulBody Barre Unhitched have a unique, athletic approach to the traditional barre class. These programs incorporate dynamic movements and cardio surges while strengthening and toning the body. SoulBody Barre uses a fixed ballet barre, a 9 inch ball and hand weights while SoulBody Barre Unhitched uses a weighted body bar and 9 inch ball. These two signature programs will create balance and endurance.

SoulBody YogaSculpt is a total body, yoga infused workout with vinyasa flows, cardio surges and sculpting work designed to build endurance and promote mindfulness.  This program allows space for to dial up the intensity or turn it down based on individual needs.

SoulBody HIIT offers 30 minutes of high intensity intervals and bodyweight training – A true “One & Done” class!  This class builds agility, speed, strength and endurance with no props – a sure way to bring out your inner athlete!

SoulBody LIIT offers a low impact version of the HIIT program!  This class can be performed in bare feet, creating a strong foundation and is accessible for those looking for an alternative to high impact cardio classes, while still building endurance and strength.

SoulBody Restore gentlywarms the body through unique yoga flows, creates mobility through dynamic stretching and uses restorative techniques with props like the foam roller to release fascial tension in the body. This class focuses on recovery and relaxation, making it the ultimate mind-body program.

SoulBody Fitness remains committed to bringing innovative programming to group fitness that is mindful, fun, and results driven. Join the SQUAD!


Stacey Seward Vandiver is the Owner and CEO of SoulBody Fitness, a global group fitness programming company that continues to keep classes ahead of the curve. She is the Creative Director of all four SoulBody Fitness programs in Barre, HIIT, LIIT. Yoga Sculpt and Recovery. SBF is future-proofing Group Fitness by meeting the demands of members for classes that are smart, on-trend and results driven, creating stronger engagement and longer retention. Group Fitness, now more than ever, is a vital component to a club’s success as it creates community and inspires their members to move – LIVE or VIRTUALLY!