Best Foods for Better Brain and Mental Health 

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As a fitness pro, you have probably fielded questions from your clients about “eating better”. They might ask things like, “Should I eat less carbs?” or “Should I eat more protein?” You are probably asked less often which foods help support brain and mental health, but this could be part of the conversation. What should…

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New for 2023: Update of the Dietary Reference Intakes for Energy 

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The Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for Energy, used by Canadian health professionals as guidance for maintaining energy balance in individuals, have been updated for the first time since 2005—and they have become more inclusive.  The DRIs have long been applied in health-care settings, policy development, and school meal programs, for example. The reference values for…

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Newly Released: Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health 

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Even small amounts of alcohol can be damaging to our health.  As leaders in health and wellness, fitness professionals can help Canadians to make well-informed decisions about their alcohol consumption by raising awareness about the new guidelines (and where to go to find out more).   5 Key Takeaways:  Based on the latest evidence, the Canadian…

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Eat Well for Less: Baked Potatoes, Your Way 

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Food prices have soared in recent months, and they’re expected to rise another 5% to 7% in 2023—ouch. Canadians are looking for ways to eat well within tighter budgets. You can help by sharing healthy, cost-conscious meal ideas with your clients, starting with the tasty baked potato.   Delicious, affordable and nutritious potatoes  Why potatoes? These…

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Sensational Snacks with Eggs

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By Carol Harrison, RD  Eggs are one of the most versatile superfoods. Many Canadians—including me—eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their appeal is obvious: eggs are delicious and easy to prepare, and they’re a budget-friendly source of protein and other essential nutrients. With all of these benefits in mind, I can’t help but wonder:…

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Celebrate Food as More than Nourishment

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By Carol Harrison, RD As we move beyond the pandemic, many Canadians intend to recommit to improving and maintaining their health. How can we, as fitness professionals, help? Not only are we craving better health, we are craving connection too. That includes the connection to the people who produce our food, the people we eat…

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Everything You Need to Know About Eggs  

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By Carol Harrison, RD  March is Nutrition Month in Canada, and it’s a great opportunity to remind your fitness clients and class participants about the synergistic effects of eating well and exercising. Don’t be surprised if they have questions – there’s a lot of conflicting and confusing nutrition advice out there.   Keeping up with developments…

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What’s All the Buzz About Plant-Based Diets? 

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By Carol Harrison, RD  It seems everywhere you look on social media, lifestyle influencers and trendy eateries are touting the benefits of plant-based diets. We could all benefit from eating more veggies, fruit, and other whole plant foods, but what is often missing in the conversation is a critical look at what should come off…

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10 Nutrients That Support Immune Health

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By Carol Harrison, RD  Cold and flu season is here, and your clients may be looking to improve their immunity. Regular exercise supports optimal immune health, but your clients are likely also interested in how to ramp up their defenses with good nutrition.   Reality Check: Health Canada reports that nearly half (~46 per cent) of calories consumed by Canadians come from…

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3 Better-for-You Holiday Baking Hacks (Plus Recipe!)

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We all have favourite holiday baked treats, from cakes and cookies to tarts and truffles. This season, enjoy your tried-and-true decadent desserts – maybe with a healthy-ish twist. I’ll share a tip for reducing sugar in recipes, but in my books, better-for-you baking is more about adding nourishing ingredients like fruit, veggies, nuts, whole grains, and healthy fats than taking…

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