Jump In and Take Your Next Workout to the Pool


By Cat Kom We’re not just talking about swimming laps, because you can absolutely get a body-sculpting weight-training session in a pool. So many people think of swimming as a cardio workout, but at Studio SWEAT onDemand, we think it’s an ideal place to gain power and build muscle. Seriously – your body weight is…

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By Cat Kom Shhhh…we’ve got a secret, and it’s a doozy. It’s all to do with getting that sleeker, slimmer waist – the one that people spend hours upon hours, angrily doing crunches trying to achieve. But the secret, in fact, lies in an often-overlooked set of muscles sitting deep within your core. They’re called…

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The Secret to Staying Fit: The Couple’s Workout Routine

Couple's Workout

It looks like couples that work out together, stick together. No, really! Research shows that 94% of couples are more likely to stick to a fitness program when they exercise together. Think about it; people are more likely to stick to a workout routine when they have support and camaraderie behind them. And what better…

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