Small Changes for Big Results 

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It’s a New Year and you want to kick things into high gear and set some new attainable goals for yourself!  Sticking with activities you love to do, so that exercise isn’t a chore, is so important when making a plan and being consistent with exercise.  Instead of overhauling your whole life this year, consider…

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AM vs PM Workouts 

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Are AM workouts “better” and are there benefits to working out in the afternoon or evening?   3 Reasons to Choose the AM  3 Reasons to Choose the PM  The biggest question one needs to ask themself is, “What time of day do I feel I have my best energy?” Choosing to do your workout when…

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Working with Injured Clients Online

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Training clients online is challenging on so many levels. Working with an injured client can make it even more challenging. It is our responsibility as certified fitness instructors and personal trainers to be certain our classes and personal training sessions are safe and modifiable. This may take extra thought and preparation on the part of the instructor/trainer.   Here are five things to consider when working in…

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