Country Fusion

Since the age of two, I’ve been a dancer and grew up visiting a dude ranch in upstate New York every year with my family. Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege of being a professional dancer and choreographer and an Off-Broadway producer and actress in New York and New Jersey. Although, at my core,…

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Line Right Up for Country Fusion Dance Fitness

Country Fusion® is a new fitness workout that incorporates country music and dance into one wild ride!  It is sweeping North America and across the world as a new way to workout, have fun, and connect the dance fitness studio to the greater local business community!  Country Fusion® was created by professional dancer, performer, and…

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Teaching Outside the Fitness Box

Teaching Outside the Fitness Box square

By Elizabeth Mooney It is easy to find yourself in a “rut” as a fitness instructor. Your certifications land you many jobs at local gyms and fitness centers. However, only so much money can be made at these types of establishments. In addition, if you live in a small, rural community, these traditional options may…

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