“Healthy Eating” or “Unhealthy Obsession”?  

Healthy Eating” or “Unhealthy Obsession” - Featured Photo

By Erin Phelan  If you work in the fitness industry, you are familiar with the shades of grey surrounding healthy eating. Food is a complex issue, and highly emotional for many of our clients –  not simply those who are overweight, or are living with obesity. For a percentage of our clients, healthy food becomes…

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Embracing My Virtual Business

I was raised on the grapevine.  My first foray into the world of fitness was with Jane Fonda. She and I would meet regularly in my basement afterschool in the 80’s, her clad in a pink leotard and leg warmers, me in my cropped Adidas shorts, synchronizing our leg lifts to the music: up three, down one, hold and pulse. Do you feel that burn? I felt it.   And it spoke to me.   Fitness was…

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