Matrix Ride Brings Unique Perspective to Group Cycling and Technology

Matrix Training Cycle 2 - Featured Image

As facilities re-open, the focus on attracting paying customers back takes on a new priority. As usual, group cycling will assume its position as one of the ways to accomplish this goal.  Refreshing group cycling or launching a new program has taken on a new perspective with the growth of what’s being a performance metric…

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The Strength of Simplicity

If we ever needed a jolt to remind us about the connection between health and fitness we got it in the pandemic. For years and years, only a small % of people prioritized health and fitness, or daily movement as part of caring for themselves. We know the stats right?  According to Participaction only 16%…

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Make sure your Group Fitness offering is THAT GOOD!

Personal Trainer with client

COVID-19 has changed the landscape dramatically. Group experiences are being scrutinized more than ever. Consumers will be very selective where they “congregate” in groups. They will only gravitate for the best experiences. That is the NEW reality. We think about the group gatherings carefully before proceeding. That has a big impact on how we think…

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