How confident can you be in AI predictions?

Ai and Human Hand

We’re often asked about the accuracy of AI – how confident we can be in its predictions. It’s understandable. Operators are, after all, being asked to move away from an expertise-led approach to effectively hand over control to an algorithm. It’s also true that, whether human- or machine-generated, every prediction has an error possibility. The…

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Worried You Aren’t Any Good At Data? You might be pleasantly surprised…

Data on computer screen

“Our sector just isn’t very good at data.” Sound like a familiar comment? Certainly it’s something that’s said often about the health and fitness sector, with many a critical eye cast over operators’ inconsistent data capture and their far-from-optimized subsequent use of that data. Playing devil’s advocate for a moment, in some cases it even…

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Discover everything you need to know about data & AI

Person working out with VR set

“Data. It’s never been seen as the sexiest of topics, but all that is changing – and fast,” says Keepme’s Ian Mullane in his latest white paper, Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI. “The challenge is this. For so long a back-room discipline, across all levels of an organisation most people’s understanding of…

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A personalized experience for every customer? Here’s how you do it

Personal Training - Ian Mullane

In a world where personalization is a key agenda point for every consumer-facing business, physical fitness venues have a problem: when it comes to their product, they are currently capable of little customization, instead of relying on brand messaging and aspirational imagery to differentiate and connect to people’s goals. This is in the face of…

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Why AI Should Be On Your Agenda As Clubs Re-open

Ian Mullane AI

When you hear the term AI (artificial intelligence), what does it conjure up in your mind? Do you imagine it to be something futuristic, powering robots, self-driving cars and so on? You certainly wouldn’t be alone in this view, but to pigeonhole AI as something for the future is to miss out on the very…

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What will be YOUR role in the fitness future?

What will be YOUR role in the fitness future

These days, it seems everyone’s talking technology, digital fitness, at-home workouts, hybrid models, ecosystems. Things are changing fast, not only in terms of what’s possible but in terms of consumer expectations too. If all of this leaves you feeling excited at what’s to come, but at the same time concerned about what it might mean…

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