Fitness Business Spotlight: Pelvienne Wellness

Kim Vopni Pelvienne Wellness

What type of business are you? I started my business in 2009 with an e-commerce store selling pelvic health products to women.  I then formed a second business (Bellies Inc) with 2 other women where we designed and manufactured a postpartum recovery garment and exercise program.  In 2018 I closed down my e-commerce store and…

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Rehabilitating the Pelvic Floor – How Do You Breathe?

How Do You Breathe

It is an exciting time! The importance of women’s health is finally gaining awareness and women are no longer accepting messages like “light bladder leakage is just part of being a woman” or “it is normal to leak a little after you have children and get older.” Women are more educated, more aware, and are…

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