Tech-Powered Success Stories: Canadian Fitness Businesses on the Rise 

By Len Fridman, special Canfitpro contributor The fitness industry is thriving, despite the challenges posed by the ever-evolving economy and the lingering shadows of a global pandemic. The Canadian fitness landscape is experiencing a remarkable surge, with gym, health, and fitness clubs collectively raking in a whopping $4 billion in revenue. What’s even more astonishing…

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3 Ways Gym Owners Can Boost Their Retention Numbers  

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Do you ever ask yourself, “Why did that member leave?”   As a gym or studio owner, losing fitness members unfortunately comes with the territory. According to IHRSA, the Global Health & Fitness Association, 63% of gym memberships go completely unused.   With 2023 approaching, it’s important to note that half of new gym and fitness studio…

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3 FREE Resources to Grow Your Fitness Business in 2023 and Beyond

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Whether it is running day-to-day operations or attracting and retaining more clients, as fitness entrepreneurs, we often wear many hats to ensure our business succeeds. It can feel overwhelming, even paralyzing at times. When WellnessLiving began, it became our mission to put fitness business owners first, while providing them with an affordable software solution to…

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