Finding Your Wellness Motivation

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Have you ever wondered how an elite athlete stays motivated? Imagine being an NHL hockey player or an Olympic figure skater, training and competing every day, working on your performance, despite having to navigate disappointing results, setbacks, injuries etc. On the surface, it’s a job. They clock in and clock out. But what drives them…

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Fitness and COVID

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For twenty-five-year-old Vancouverite Kylie, an avid runner and overall fitness enthusiast, COVID-19 took the wind right out of her – literally. Although she had flu-like symptoms, body aches and fatigue, they were considered mild. She credits being physically active before the pandemic and fully vaccinated helped her recover. COVID hit Toronto’s Norm Spence, a canfitpro…

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Optimizing Aging: How to Age Well

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How we age is in our control, says Toronto’s Dr. Greg Wells, senior scientist in translational medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children. “Exercise and being physically active can help keep your DNA young, and DNA is how we rebuild our bodies at every stage of our lives.” In his new book, Powerhouse, Wells says…

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Small Steps

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We all know how challenging it can be trying to achieve our fitness goals. We can experience setbacks, a lack of motivation, or even set unrealistic goals. Regardless of what you see or hear on social media or infomercials, there is no magic bullet. You need to put in the challenging work, and if there…

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Tips To Keep Your Fitness on Track in 2023

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Every year, it’s the same thing. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or an attempt to re-boot our lives, we try starting yet another attempt to stick to a fitness regime, reducing the intake of bedtime snacks or just taking a time out. It’s time to set aside the baggage of a New Year’s resolution.…

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The Importance of Active Recovery

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Congratulations. Even though the world experienced a few tough years navigating through COVID, you’ve managed to find a way to dig in and keep up with your fitness regime. Many of you purchased home equipment, went back to the gym, hired personal trainers, or even found a new activity to help reset your bodies and…

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A Q&A With Three Canadian Fitness Professionals

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The virtual world has opened many avenues for trainers as they search for ways to reinvent their approach to business. With many clients navigating through these uncertain times, their passion is proof that they remain a lifeline to the wellness journey. We decided to reach out to a few trainers across the country to find…

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The Power of Exercise to Slow Aging 

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We’ve heard it before – use it or lose it. When it comes to slowing the aging process. Toronto’s Dr. Greg Wells, senior scientist in translational medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, says the way we age is in our control.  “We traditionally think that aging is when our muscles get smaller,…

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Plant-based Nutrition

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Although there are many options available for vegetarians, Leslie Beck, a Toronto-based registered dietitian and director of Food and Nutrition at Medcan, says, “The biggest dietary movement in Canada today is flexitarianism. People who eat a flexitarian diet eat a mostly plant-based diet but do occasionally eat meat.” As for the motivation to eat more…

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