How To Create More Diverse and Inclusive Fitness Marketing

When was the last time you took a moment to pause and reflect on who you are attracting to your facility and how you can use your fitness marketing imagery to be more inviting and inclusive with your brand image? In this blog, we share insights and perspectives from three industry experts on creating more diverse…

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Embracing Collaboration and Connection for Sustainable Business Growth

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The fitness industry, like all industries, is in a constant state of flux, undergoing disruptive changes as new talent enters the workforce and familiar faces bid farewell. Simultaneously, the evolving needs of individuals in pursuit of personal well-being are reshaping the landscape. To ensure longevity and success, it is crucial for businesses to adapt, shift…

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Using the Principles of Active Recovery to Support a Thriving Fitness Business

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Active recovery was the fifth top trend on canfitpro’s Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2023. Fitness professionals appreciate the significance of active recovery for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Active recovery does not mean “do nothing”, rather, alternative types of exercise that support your body in an effort to optimize function and performance, promote…

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6 Ways for Fit Pros to Celebrate National Health and Fitness Day in Canada

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Canada’s National Health and Fitness Day is a nationwide initiative that aims to promote physical activity and encourage Canadians to live healthier lifestyles. On the first Saturday of June each year, Canadians are encouraged to take part in various fitness activities and events, including fitness classes, group workouts, outdoor activities, and sports. Did you know that National Health and Fitness Day spring-boarded off the Vancouver 2010 Olympics as a project to…

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Bridging the Health Care Gap Through Building Credibility and Relationships

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The results are in: “Inactivity is costly, and exercise means big savings”.  In a landmark global report on the impact of the health and fitness sector, the Health and Fitness Industry was proven to have a “profound” economic and social impact on countries all around the world. This report also showed that inactivity is costly,…

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Tips to Win Your Fitness Business Game from Award Winning Fit Pros

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Spring is here – a time for renewing, refreshing, and revamping our business strategies, systems, and routines. What is working? What needs some attention and nurturance this season? Whatever season your fitness business or career is in – whether you are just starting, a long time veteran or just looking to get out of a…

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Fuel Your Focus to Fuel Your Business and See Results

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For many business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs, March marks the end of the first quarter of the year.  We recognize that this is a critical time, especially when working in the fitness industry, where the sales goals and progress we make in Q1 sets the pace and gives us some indication of what the rest…

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