Top 3 Ways To Rock Your Social Media

3 Ways To Rock Your Social Media

For any wellness pro or company, social media has become one of the main channels of communication with our clients. If you want to attract more professional abundance, you’ve got to use social media – and use it well.  Now more than ever, as the pandemic drags on, online competition has risen sharply. Client finances…

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Green Tea Matcha Donut Recipe


By Sadie Nardini Yoga teacher, Sadie Nardini, creator of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Shred, shares her favorite donut recipe. These goodies are plant-based, vegan, baked, not fried, and contain matcha powder for a healthy blast of antioxidants. Sadie Says: “After I started doing yoga and high-intensity interval training—and especially once I hit 40—I realized…

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