Return to Running Post-Injury

Return to Running Post Injury

Many of our clients who love to run feel frustrated when they can’t. They love the convenience, low cost, and high reward running gives them. Our clients sometimes get injured and need to hit the pause on running. Many clients are in that limbo of finishing rehab but not ready for their usual running routine. They have tried running 5 km and it is just not working. They…

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Power Walking – The Forgotten Workout

Outdoor classes are currently a huge trend that many anticipate are here to stay. Power walking can be an excellent cardiovascular activity to incorporate into your programming. It can be included as part of your outdoor circuit classes (or on a treadmill), taught as a class of its own, or instructed to your runner clients who take walking breaks and do not want to lose precious…

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Returning to Fitness Post-Injury

We have seen this scenario many times. Your client gets injured and spends time in rehab. They have worked with their physio and are ready for more, now what? Many clients are in that limbo of finishing rehab but not ready for running, strength training, and circuits. They have tried running five kilometers, attended a cross fit class, or attempted their usual sets and reps and it’s just not working. They are in pain,…

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